2014 US Southwest — ROAD TRIP!


On the road again…


My DH and I decided that it was time for a change of scenery.    But this time we are keeping it simple — we are taking a road trip through a couple of the Southwestern states in the US!

Just to recap — travel is a big thing for my DH and me.   We are still fairly young and in good health so why the heck not?  Yep, we will be wandering through the desert like Moses!   Except in a car with gobs of electric technology to make sure we don’t get lost for 40 years.

Our original thought for this trip was just to go somewhere warm and escape that rain of Northern California for a few weeks.   Little did we know when we started planning this trip in November of 2013 that California would be experiencing a drought.  We decided to go anyway.

We sent our lovely Zoey to Morgan Hill to spend at least three weeks with her BFF, Cody.   Cody’s parents are a young active couple and skiing in Tahoe is on their calendar for the next few weekends.  Zoey has never seen the snow.  We figured snow would be a good experience for her — and we were right!   Many “thanks” to Cody’s Mom for sending us the following picture!


Run, Zoey! Run!

Although Zoey embraced the snow, we didn’t.  For weeks before our departure, we had been checking the weather in Arizona, New Mexico, and Nevada in an attempt to take full advantage of “good” weather whenever possible.   We packed up our car with enough clothes to take us through three different climates — low desert, high desert, and Southern California.     We made a couple of hotel reservations ahead of time but intended to just “wing it” most of the time.

I’m doing my travel blog differently this time.   Instead of the day-by-day format of the past, I am going to make city-by-city entries.   The new format will remove some of the pressure and obsession I have experienced in writing this blog in the past.   My hope is that without the worry of internet access (although one would assume that cities and hotels in the US would have the “wireless internet access thing” down cold) and the late nights pounding on the laptop (which kept both my DH and me from our beauty sleep) I would enjoy the travel experience as one should enjoy it — seeing new sights, eating good food, sleeping late, and snapping pictures like mad!

I am happy to report that I succeeded in my goal — the road trip was wonderful!   Now it is time to blog about it!


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