Paris 2013: Day 31 — The Marais


Place des Vosges in the Le Marais district.

Friday, 08/23/13

Woke up at 8am.   I checked email and went out for fresh bread.  When I returned, my DH was up and we had the bread for breakfast – almost the entire baguette!   I guess we were just too lazy to cook eggs today.

As you can tell, the last few days have been slow ones for us.   Is it that we are running out of things to do or see, or it is that we are now beginning to settle in to life in Paris?   I don’t know.   But we do know that our time here is limited – this is our last Friday in Paris.

Around noon, we decide to leave the apartment and take a walk through the Marais district of Paris following a walk in our Frommer’s “Memorable Walks in Paris” book (Tour 3).   The Marais is a historic district in Paris.  Long the aristocratic district of Paris, it hosts many outstanding buildings of historic and architectural importance. It spreads across parts of the 3rd and 4th arrondissements in Paris.   We won’t be walking the entire district, just the main drag and the Jewish quarter.


The top of the Saint-Paul Saint-Louis Church — this church is so large I could not fit it all in one frame.


The bottom of the Saint-Paul Saint-Louis Church.


The altar of the Saint-Paul Saint-Louis Church.


Time for lunch!


Steak (with fries) and a salad. Both were good but nothing spectacular.


The coffee came with a little cookie — so cute!


I could not resist a scoop of Spice Cake Gelato!


The garden of the Musee Carnavalet.  This museum is dedicated to the history of Paris.


The Musee Carnavalet has a nice exhibit of store signs.


Musee Carnavalet has a number of rooms with great collections of paintings.


The Musee Carnavalet has a room that replicates the interior of the of these buildings when it was a hotel.


The start of Rue des Rosiers (which means “street of the rosebushes”) the heart of the Jewish Quarter.


The Rue des Rosiers is lined with Jewish Kosher markets, bakeries and Falafel shops.


My DH purchased a loaf of Challah bread from this bakery.

By 7pm, we are tired and have walked and seen about as much as we can walk and see.   We head back to our apartment and nibble on a loaf of Challah bread we bought at a Jewish bakery – it is buttery and moist!

I take a shower and my DH watches one of his favorite shows (via Slingbox) on the computer.  We decide to watch the DVD “This is England”, a disturbing coming-of-age movie about a sweet boy who lost his father during the Falklands Islands conflict.   This movie proves that if you think your kid is enjoying his/her unsupervised freedom, think again.

Quote of the day:  “Really, this kid should have been taking piano lessons or something!” – DH


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