Paris 2013: Day 30 — Shopping Day!


It’s shopping day!

Thursday, 08/22/13

I woke at 8:15am.   I slept well again!    I went out for fresh bread and my DH and I made eggs for breakfast as we watched the news.   Afterwards, I worked on my blog and my DH wrote in his journal.  It is another wonderfully slow morning for us!    But today is different.  Today we are each on our own to do want we want without boring the other.

Around 1pm, I am out the door to go shopping!   My DH decides to go the Luxembourg Garden to hangout and read.


No tour buses here!

For weeks I have been looking at gift possibilities for those who take care of our dog and our house back home.   But the shopping world is small and there are very few products I find that are truly Parisian and unavailable in the States.  The one thing I find is perfume – the real French stuff that can only be purchased in Paris.   And the place where I can find and buy the perfume is Printemps.   The perfume I want is Givenchy.

I thought that shopping on a Thursday would be breeze considering it is the middle of the week, but I was wrong.  It is a zoo in both the streets and the store.   The reason for this mass of shoppers – the wall of tour buses parked outside the store.

I make my way through the crowd to the perfume booths on the first floor of the Printemps store.   Lucky for me, the tourists from the tour buses are more interested in handbags than perfume.

I find the perfume I want and I buy it.   I wander the store and also find Parisian chocolates — I buy some of those too.   The rest of the day I shop for myself.  I find it interesting that Printemps has no sales racks.   Unfortunately, I found nothing I need here that is worth the Euro-Dollor conversion.  Still, I made a note to myself to check out the Printemps Brasserie.   I find it on the “Elegant” floor.


The Primtemps Brassarie — tres chic!

The crowds in Printemps get old really quick!  So I hop back on the Metro and head back to the apartment around 5pm.   I check my email and work on my blog.


It was a pretty successful shopping trip! Even the bags look lovely!

My DH arrives home a couple of hours later.   Around 9pm, we go out for dinner at a nice restaurant down the street, Le Ba-Yen Cafe.   The evening was warm and the food was excellent!


Sorry, no pictures of the food — I forgot. But just so you know, my DH ordered the fish and I ordered the roasted chicken! Both were served with the best mashed potatoes!

We arrive back at the apartment stuffed and satisfied!   The weather sites say it is going to rain tomorrow.

Quote of the day:   “Did you take pictures of the food?” — DH


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