Paris 2013: Day 34 — Going Home


The Air France terminal at Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport (CDG), one of the busiest passenger airports in Europe.

Monday, 08/26/13

I woke up at 8:30am.   The sun is shining but a few dark clouds still linger.   I make coffee and checked email.   An hour later, DH rolls out of bed.   We nibble on whatever food we have left in the refrigerator.   Slowly, we begin to pack our bags and clean up the apartment.   It is a good thing that our flight back to the States is not until late afternoon.


Our little French kitchen…


…our dining room…


…our bedroom…


…our toilet…


…and our sink, laundry, and shower (on the right).

Around 11am, we decide to take one final stroll through the neighborhood that has been our home for the last 33 days.   We take in our last glance of the Arc de Triomph and walk past our favorite bakeries and markets while the sun shines.


Our French apartment building…


…our park in the back (you can see our fourth floor windows)…


…our favorite bakery…


…our favorite market…


…our view of the Arch.

Unlike our arrival, we decide to take a bus to the airport instead of the train system.   We pick up the 12:50pm Air France bus outside of the Paris Convention Center, just a few short blocks from our apartment.  The ride to the airport cost 17 Euros each and took about 40 low-stress minutes.


Our last walk to the Paris Convention Center…


…where we wait for the bus to the airport…


…where we take our final look at Paris.

Check-in at Air France went smoothly and we are free of our big bags.  We get a ham and cheese sandwich to share and we have pretty much spent all our Euros.  However, our flight is delayed 45 minutes.  Oh well, more time to wander through the duty-free shops, right?

Our flight home is long and uneventful.   We watched movies and my DH falls to sleep.   As for me, I am fully awake!  The dinner served  was pretty good — a tasty chicken and rice dish!   I save half my meal and order a glass of orange juice in case my DH wakes up hungry.  He does and he was.

Even though our flight was delayed, we arrive at SFO pretty much on time.   Customs goes quick and our luggage is waiting for us on the carousal.   We catch a shuttle and we are back home within a couple of hours of our arrival.  The first thing we do after dumping our bags in the living room is collect Zoey from our neighbor’s house.   She recognizes us immediately!  With a leap and her pink tongue wagging, she runs to us and licks our faces — she is beautiful!   Her tail nub shakes happily as we take our turns scratching her head and back.  She thanks us by sitting on our  feet.   We talk with our neighbors about our trip and catch up on everything that has been happening while we were gone — which was very little.


Zoey does not seem to be too upset with us leaving her for so long. Still, she watches our every move!

We are now back to our pack of three.    Zoey parks herself in her spot by the dresser in our bedroom and falls asleep.   My DH and I shift through the mail and then park ourselves in our bed as well.

We were gone a long time.   We didn’t like leaving Zoey behind but we know she was well taken care of.   We needed a change of scenery and Paris lived up to the task.  We did a lot of stuff, but we still had time to sleep in late, see the sights, taste the food, and smell the Fleur-de-lis along the way.   We feel fortunate to have had the opportunity to travel “our way”.

Paris was a great first choice for our adventure!  What city will be our next choice I wonder….

Quote of the day:   “Gee, I guess I will have to dust tomorrow.”  — Anna


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