Paris 2013: Day 26 — It’s raining…


A rainy Sunday in Paris.

Sunday, 08/18/13

Woke at 8:45am.   It was another restless night.   Today the sky is cloudy and it is threatening rain.   This would be a good time to visit a couple of the covered markets.

Around 10am, we finish our cereal and are on our way to the first market of the day, the Marché La ChapelleThis covered market is said to be a “beautiful example of Victor Baltard‘s work, with a splendid lacy iron structure and typical shape with a great glass roof.”  It had been under a complete renovation taking over 30 months and was finally reopened in September of 2010.  We arrived as it was just beginning to rain hard.   But when we arrived, only a few of the food stalls were open, the rest were closed for the summer.


The market is open!


But most of the food and produce stands are closed for the summer. TripAdvisor didn’t mention that…


…but there are some produce stands on the street. My DH got a couple of nectarines.

My DH consulted the web and found Marché d’Aligre, near the Bastille.    Using the Metro, we were there in 10 minutes just as the skies were beginning to clear.


Just in case you are curious as to what a Metro station looks like, here is the inside of one.

This was a lively market, packed with people of an Arabian nationality.  Vendors were hollering, trying to entice shoppers to buy the produce from their stands, not the other guy’s.   There was also a small flea market of sellers selling clothing and antiques.


The Marché d’Aligre Market is very lively!


Locals are everywhere, doing their produce shopping for the next couple of days. The French shop for fresh produce almost every day because their refrigerators are small, because their apartments are small too. A market is open somewhere every day but on Sundays, the markets are bigger and usually offer more than just food.


I thought these onions and radishes look exceptionally good!


There are peppers and tomatoes everywhere!


This market also offers a little flea market. I am not sure about the quality of some of the clothes…


…or the shoes.


Time for lunch! My DH and I find a bakery and we purchase a couple of large pieces of flatbreads with toppings. One has sausage and ham, the other has smoked salmon. Both have cheese! Both were very good and filling!


We could not resist the chocolate eclairs so we shared one. Can you tell that we liked it?


Time to go.

After the market, we took a walk in the neighborhood.


More grand old buildings!


We stopped for a lemonade.

We stumbled  upon Promenade Plantée – an elevated park created on top of an old elevated train track.  It was beautiful and allowed us to see the neighborhood from a whole new perspective.


What is that growing on this old railroad track?


Its a park! According to the web, this park goes on for almost three miles!


It was a lovely walk and offered a new perspective on the city — now we can see rooftops.

Around 4pm, it started to cloud up again and we decide to return to the apartment.   I worked on the blog and my DH worked on the computer.   Around 8pm, I made dinner and we discussed plans for tomorrow.


Yet another dessert. We brought this Strawberry Cake earlier in the day. Need I say that it was better than good?

By this time, the sky was dark with clouds and we decided to stay in for the evening.   We watch the movie “Babette’s Feast”, a story about a French meal –it was beautiful!    It also cooled down and rained most of the night making for great sleeping weather!

Quote of the day:  “There is no door for the men’s urinal!” — DH.


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