Paris 2013: Day 25 — Lunch and Window Shopping


Rue de Rennes, one of the major shopping streets in Paris, France.

Saturday, 8/17/13

I woke at 8:45am.    It was not a good night for me.  It was too warm.  Then it was too cold.   Then there was that mosquito again.   I slept in fits and starts.  I woke up tired.  But the good news –it is sunny and looks like it will be another great day.

We eat cereal for breakfast – Golden Grahams to be exact.


Just like back home!

We are saving our appetites for another fabulous lunch at a restaurant my DH researched on the web last night.   The morning is slow for us.  We watch some TV, my DH takes a shower, I work on my blog, yada-yada-yada…

Around 1pm we leave the apartment for the restaurant.   This restaurant is just off the Left Bank, close to La Reminet where we enjoyed lunch yesterday.   We get off the Metro and made our way through the crowd of tourists, just like we did yesterday.   We found the restaurant easy enough, just like we did yesterday.   But it is closed!   “WTF!  It was open yesterday!”  says my DH.   We see some sort of official notice hanging on the door.   This is not the same “We are closed for August” notice we have seen in so many windows so many times before.  This one looks official — like government official.   Hmmmm…

Disappointed, we looked around for another restaurant.  The Golden Grahams have worn off and we are hungry.    One block down the street we see La Reminet.  “Should we see if they have an available table?” asks my DH.    “Why not?” I replied.   And we did.  And so they did!  So, we had great meal at La Reminet, just like we did yesterday!  Just like yesterday, the food was excellent!


One again we ordered the “menu of the day” for 17 Euros each (its Saturday, its a bit pricer). The starters were the same as yesterday, but the entrees and desserts are different. My DH ordered the Sea Breem in a light sauce with cooked vegetables.


I ordered the Pork Chop with fried potatoes.


We both ordered the Baked Apple.

Around 3pm, we head off to Rue de Rennes, one of the main shopping streets in Paris.   Here there are tons of clothes, shoes, and accessories shops — mostly shoes with a couple of expensive chocolate shops sprinkled about.


This street is lined with expensive homes — notice the ironwork on the balconies.


There were a lot of shoe sales going on this weekend.


Lot of shoes!

We buy nothing.   Except for some chocolates to add to my growing chocolate collection.


Pretty and tasty — what more can a girl ask for?

The shops on Rue de Rennes are nice but neither of us are in the mood to buy anything.   I get grumpy because I need a nap so what recourse does my DH have other than to get my home.    He is a good sport about it and I promise to make him a good dinner.   So we went back to the apartment around 5pm and I took a nap.   Around 8pm, I made dinner.  After dinner, we looked out the kitchen window and this is what we saw:


What do you think? Rain?

And it rained.   Instead of an evening stroll, we stayed in and read books for the rest of the evening.   It was a good decision.

Quote of the Day:   “Oh, cute shoes!” — Anna


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