Paris 2013: Day 24 — Lunch, Ile Saint-Louis, and Dinner


Ile St. Louis, the island behind the island of Notre-Dame Cathedral.

Friday, 08/16/13

I woke up at 8am – that is late for me but early for this trip.  I took the laundry out of the dryer and took a shower.   I then went out for fresh bread and a croissant.  When I got back to the apartment, my DH was up and set the table for breakfast.   We made eggs and fried potatoes to go with the bread that still warm from the bakery.   We then discussed the day.

After breakfast, I checked email, downloaded photographs, and worked on the blog — my DH does the same.  We leave that apartment around 1pm.   The sun is out and it is warm.   We have decided to partake in a late lunch at Le Reminet – a cute brasserie just off the Left Bank that we found on Tripadvisor.  It was really, really, nice!


Looking for the restaurant. It is here somewhere…


…there it is!


This place is very french!  The place is small and everyone sits very close together.  This is a view from our table.


We ordered the “menu of the day” for 16 Euros each. My DH starts off with a tasty salad made with tuna and quinoa.


I start off with a light and refreshing Watermelon soup!


My DH ordered the Sea Bream.  It was cooked perfectly!


I ordered the Black Pudding on potatoes. Yummy!


For dessert, we both had the moist orange cake with Chantilly Cream.

After lunch, we decide to take the Ile Saint-Louis walk from the “A Paris Walking Guide” book.   Ile Saint Louis is the little island located behind the island where Notre Dame Cathedral stands.  Lots of tourists overlook this adorable little island and they probably shouldn’t.   “Saint-Louis remains romantically frozen in the 17th century” says the book.  Apparently it is the same now as it was centuries ago.


Antique vendors are open for business along the Seine.


We walk by Notre-Dame Cathedral — again!


The Ile St. Louis island was formerly used for the grazing of market cattle and stocking wood and is one of France’s first examples of urban planning. It was mapped and built from end to end during the 17th-century reigns of Henri IV and Louis XIII. Today, it looks pretty much like it did back then.


Some of Paris’s most wealthy families lived in Ile St. Louis. Today, this address still remains one of the best in the city.


There is very little parking here so people have to get creative.


The main park of Ile St. Louis.


Oh look — a church!   It’s the Saint Louis en Ille Church and we must stop and take a look!   Its clock hangs out into the street like a shop sign.


The interior of the Saint Louis en Ille Church.


One of the stained glass windows in the Saint Louis en Ille Church.

We finish the walking tour around 5pm.   Wandering around in the sun has really drained me.   I am tired and grumpy and in need for something cold to drink.   So we find the one and only place in Paris that serves a drink with plenty of ice – Starbucks!   I order an Orange Refresher and feel immediately better.   I even allow my DH a sip or two.    Just then, the sky began to cloud up and the air turned cooler.

As I munch on ice cubes, we walk around the Centre Georges Pompidou, Paris’s Musuem of Modern Art.   This building is unique in that it is designed with all the mechanical working of the building on the outside, thus leaving more room for art on the inside.   On my first visit to Paris in 1992, I visited the Pompidou.   I was disappointed.   I remember the admission fee was steep and I just did not appreciate the art.   My DH had the same experience.   Needless to say, we have no desire to visit this place.   Instead, we walked around the busy neighborhood with its cafes, restaurants, ice cream shops, crepe shops, and tourist shops.


Centre Georges Pompidou

Just as it started to rain we found another cute restaurant – Le Brise-Miche, also highly rated on Tripadvisor.


My DH ordered steak — it was moist and tender!


I ordered the French Onion Soup — it was hot and tasty!


The view from our table at Le Brise Miche — we are next to the Pompidou, after all.

After dinner, we located the nearest Metro and went back to the apartment.


This is the Paris Convention Center, right next to our Metro stop. I just had to take a picture of this lovely sky!  Had to!


Walking back to our apartment in the evening.

By 9pm, I was in my jammies and my DH was watching a movie – just like back home.    What we are doing tomorrow is pretty much an open question.   It depends on what is happening with the weather.

Oh — and our dog-sitter sent us this lovely picture of the kids!


Zoey and Cody — BFF!

Quote of the day:  “That building is just ugly!” – Anna


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