Paris 2013: Day 19 — The Louvre


The mall of the Louvre Museum.

Sunday, 08/11/13

We set the alarm for 7:30am.   We got up at 8:30am.   With our good intentions to get an earlier start on the day, we did not plan for a mosquito bugging us around 4am.   Needless to say, we did not have a restful night.  But, we had a lot planned for today — the market at the Bastille to get some great bargains and the Louvre to get some great art.

We headed out for the market around 9am after a breakfast of cereal.  The weather was gorgeous – blue sky, puffy white clouds, and a cool temperature!

At the market, we immediately find the linen guy and purchase two lovely French tablecloths — one in yellow and reds, the other in yellow/red/blue print.  We spent over an hour at the market just looking at the food.  We also ate a great pork sausage wrapped in a crepe.


The market at the Bastille.

After the market, we jumped on the Metro to go to the Louvre.  We arrived at the Louvre around 11am.  This Sunday, the crowd was much more reasonable than last Sunday when the museum was free.  Also, we pre-purchased our tickets so there was no waiting in a line for us!

The Louvre is the second most visited museum in the world (the Vatican is the most visited).   Here there are rooms and rooms and rooms and rooms of paintings, sculptures, and decorative arts.  There are three major wings, each with three floors.   Here is some of what we saw:


The entry into the Richelieu Wing at the Louvre.


One of the many, many, many painting galleries.


A fine example of stained glass.


Much as changed since my last visit to the Louvre. For example, each wing now has little cafes on the balcony like this one.


A view from our lunch-time café.


Another view from our lunch-time café.


After lunch, we continue on to the Apartments.


This is a sitting room. It is good to be King, me thinks!


This is a dining room. It is good to be a friend of a King, me thinks too!

We were at the Louvre until it closed at 6pm – yeah, seven hours!  We figure we only saw three-fourths of the Richelieu Wing.  We will just need to come back to see the Sully and the Denon wings later.


Closing time at the Louvre. Many people enter and leave via the staircase under the pyramid. My DH and I leave through the Metro station under the Louvre.

We decided to have Greek food in the Latin Quarter, across the river from the Louvre.  We found Gyros for 5.50 Euros each!   They were tasty and filling!


Time for dinner in the Latin Quarter. Here is where students hang out for a cheap meal.


Greek food — yeah!


Under all those fries is a moist Gryo sandwich.


Walking to the Metro station to go home for the evening.

Around 8pm, we are back at the apartment.   My DH checks his email and takes a shower.  I work on the blog and organize my photos.  Maybe we will watch a movie because we are in for the night!

Quote of the day:  “One museum!   Why am I so tired?”  — Anna


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