Paris 2013: Day 18– The Edge of Paris


Are we still in Paris?

Saturday, 8/10/13

We woke at 9:30am.   The sun is out and the air is cool and our internet is still working!  Our little key device is fantastic!   As I was walk by the router under the TV, I notice that all the lights are now green.  Sure enough, that router is now working too!   It is a mystery…

After another homemade breakfast of eggs, fried potatoes, and fresh French bread,  we stop by an Orange store and replenish my DH’s phone.  The two weeks are up and so was his data plan.   Another 10 Euros and he is good to go again for another 2 weeks.   We will replenish my phone in a couple of days to ensure that we are covered for the remainder of our stay.  Easy!

It will be another great day for a walk!  It is Saturday, so we decide to check out some of the markets in the area.  One of the great things about staying in one place for a while is that you can return to a location if you want.

Around 11am, we returned to the market at the Bastille.  Today the market focused on art – and there was a lot of good art for sale!  Paintings, jewelry, photography, and sculpture – all of it was good!   I know better than to take pictures of another artist’s work, so I didn’t.   You will just have to take my word for it, there are a lot of talented artists in Paris.   Too bad no one was buying any of it.

My DH consulted his phone and we decided to go to a flea market just outside of the 20th arrondissement, on the edge of Paris.   We notice the change in environment immediately!   We are now amongst Africans and Arabs.   To get to the actual market, we walk past vendors whose stores are merely table clothes spread on the sidewalk with various items for sale – shoes, clothing, electronic devices, and junk.   There is also a fair amount of gambling taking place — you know, what-cup-is-the-marble-under sort of game.  We make our way down a few blocks past these vendors until we reach the real market that hugs up next to the highway.  The highway!


What? No lovely Boulevard?


Entry to the market by the freeway.


Table linens.


Lots of shoes!


Jeans for 15 Euros — that is about $20 US.


Nail polish in lots of pretty colors!




Luggage — in the event we need another suitcase.


Car parts?

This market is crowded with both people and products of every type – basic household items, clothing, electronics, gadgets, junk.    The prices are great – I can’t see anything that is over 15 Euros, including what appear to be Levi jeans and designer handbags.   I take pictures until I am asked by a vendor to stop taking pictures.

Frankly, this place gives me the creeps.  So we find the nearest Metro station and go back to the Paris we know and love.  We find ourselves back on the Rue de Sèvres.  Back within the walls of lovely white buildings, wides avenues, up-scale boutiques, and cozy cafes.   We walk past a store where they are selling Levis for 85 Euros (that is about $110 US).   Hmmmm… a $90 saving on jeans?   I think that would be worth another trip to the rough edge of town — what do you think, DH?


Ah, the Rue de Sèvres. Here jeans cost about $110 US.

We stop at a café, order an expresso and a hot chocolate, and consider our next move.


Coffee and Chocolate break! This snack cost us about $8 US.  But the table is pink…

The Bon Marche La Grande Epicerie is just down the street so we decide to give it another look.   We love all the pretty food and the wonderful smells of this place – breads and pastries, quiches and pates, cooked stews and meats, cheeses of every kind, and a wall of expensive water.   The place is packed with Parisians building a quick dinner for a picnic in the park or a quiet night at home – or so we imagine.   We decide to do the same – build a tasty dinner and enjoy an evening in our quiet apartment.


The Bon Marche La Grande Epicerie.


Our culinary bounty!


Dinner is ready — Lamb Pastry, Quiche, Mushrooms, and Boeuf Bourguignon.  All of it was good!

After dinner, we take a nap.   Around 8pm, we take the Metro to the Opera plaza and walk around a bit and enjoy the cool air.   We eventually settle into a lovely café where I read the Kindle and my DH writes in his journal and surfs the web.    Can you guess where?


Is this the tea room of a palace?


Nope, it is a Starbucks in Paris!

Quote of the day:   “Honey, you could have bought bath soap here!  Look, they have Dove!” — DH, at the flea market.


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