Paris 2013: Day 17 — Walk through Parc Monceau


One of four main gates that lead into Parc Moneau.

Friday, 08/09/13

We woke at 9am.  We went out for some groceries and made breakfast.   We then decided how we would spend our day.  The weather is sunny and cool – of course we are going for a walk!

Today’s walk is from the  “A Paris Walking Guide”, the “Parc Monceau Neighborhood.”

We love this neighborhood!  We stayed here for a week last summer.   Parc Monceau is quiet and surrounded by lots of lovely homes – homes that were once elegant mansions owned by Paris’ most wealthy  people.   Today, the 8th arrondissement is one of the wealthiest arrondissements in Paris.


We sit on a bench to enjoy the park before beginning our walk.


Here is one of the mansions that overlooks the park.  This park is unusual in France due to its “English” style: its informal layout, curved walkways and randomly placed statues distinguish it from the more traditional, French-style garden.

The walk covered the history of a number of the most significant buildings.   We also just sat in the park and watched people with baby carriages and seniors with their dogs.   The park was busy with children playing games and young couple having picnics.


It is hard to believe that these large home were once inhabited by a single family (and their household staff). Many of these homes are not apartment houses or businesses. This house (right off the park) is the current home of Rolex.


No expense was spared to make these homes look magnificent!


Notice this home flanked by two modern structures. Many of these homes were tagged for destruction as early as the 1990’s, but were saved either by the French government (for musuems) or foundations for preservation (for housing or other community uses). This home is now apartments.


Coffee break! There is our view as I sip espresso!


An interesting find! Without our guide book, we probably would never have found this tutor-style home in the middle of Paris.


And now for something completely different!  This is a fancy Chinese building.


Another mansion that flanks the park. My DH likes that fact that there are potted trees on the terrace.

After the park, we walked home and I made steak and potatoes.    My DH read and I worked on the blog.

Around 9pm, we took the Metro to Rue Montorgueil where couples strolled and restaurants glowed!  This street is lined with restaurants, cafés, bakeries, fish stores, cheese shops, wine shops, produce stands and flower shops.   It was also the subject of one of Monet’s paintings.  We sat down at a small table and shared a gelato at a popular gelato shop – cherry and dark chocolate – hmmmmmm!    We could not help ourselves – what better way to enjoy a cool Parisian evening than we eat cool Parisian ice cream!

Quote of the day:   “The sign says dogs are not allowed in the park!” — DH


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