Paris 2013: Day 16 — Chateau de Fontainebleau


Chateau de Fontainebleau.

Thursday, 08/08/13

Woke at 8:15am.   Our internet is still not working.   Huff!

I went out for bread this morning and my DH wrote our landlord an email – I could see the dark cloud over his head.    We made eggs for breakfast and discussed what to do today.   The sun is out but the temperature is cool.   It would be a shame to spend all day in a museum, so we decided on a ROAD TRIP!!!!!

On our list of places to go is the Chateau de Fontainebleau in the small town of Fontainebleau. The chateau was lovely, lovely, lovely!    The palace as it is today is the work of many French monarchs.  It was last occupied by the Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte and his decedents.  We toured the Napoleon museum, the lavish apartments, and the formal French gardens.


The front exterior of the Chateau de Fontainbleau.


The ballroom.


In this room, Marie Antoinette would hold card and gambling parties.


The library.


The White Room.


The Throne Room.


An amazing stained glass window.


The Blue Room.


A view of the chapel from the gallery.


The Chapel.


The view from the garden.

We spent almost three hours here before we caught the bus back to the train station to go back to Paris.

I must tell you of the fabulous French meal we had when we returned to Paris.   Our experience at Le Verre Luisant started off rocky – no waiter and no silverware.   When we finally ordered, all  the specials were gone!   We settled for a couple of chicken dishes – they were both delicious!


The view from our table.


My Chicken Pasta dish was great!


My DH’s roasted chicken and fries was equally good!

While we were out, my DH got an email from our landlord.    He said that it is just too difficult to deal with the router issue and suggested we purchase a “key” from the Orange store – he would reimburse us for it.   When we returned to Paris, we located a Orange store and bought an internet “key”  – it is so cute!


An internet “key” — it is so cute! When the battery is fully charged, you can just put it in your pocket and go!

Basically, it is a compact router (smaller than our TV remote) where we purchased some data bandwidth – 1.0GB to be exact.   If you use up all your bandwidth, you simply purchase more!  When we got home, we plug it in and our phones and laptop saw it right away.   In the time it took to sign on the  devices, all our electronics were back on the web and performance seems to be very good — Yeah!

Quote of the day:   “Hey! This is kind’a cool!” – DH


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