Paris 2013: Day 15 — Its raining!


The day begins with rain.

Wednesday, 8/7/13

I woke at 9am.  Of course, I was up reading until 2am so this is no surprise.   But I slept rather well although the rain kept my DH up.

Yes, it is raining.  Big, heavy drops.   The air is so cool that I felt compelled to close the window – that is a first on this trip!

Needless to say, we slept in late this morning and ate cereal.   I worked on my blog, my DH reads his book, “The Book Thief” by Markus Zusak.  I have been spending late nights reading a free ebook called “Elephant Girl: A Human Story”  by Jane Devin

Today we are meeting my DH’s cousin, an elderly and classy French woman!   She was a good friend of my DH’s mother and we love to hear her tell family stories!   So we changed into our best clothes and head off to her apartment in the 18th arrondissement.


The 18th arrondissement is mostly known for hosting the district of Montmartre, which contains a hill dominated by the Sacré Cœur basilica.

Our visit lasted about 4 hours.   She bought out chocolates and family photos.  She speaks English very well and she told us about her children and grandchildren, her recent travels, and how the neighborhood has changed over the years.   She even made  a restaurant recommendation to us – the Italian place right down the street.  “It’s Italian” she says.  “Not Spanish, not Portuguese, not North African, Italian!  The pasta of the day is always good!”

When we left her apartment, we promise to call on her again and arrange for a nice lunch with her before we leave Paris.  The rain had stopped so we walked to  Ristorante Pizzeria Rossini as per her recommendation.  She was right, it was mighty good Italian!


My DH’s pizza. The ham was wonderful!


My pasta with basil pesto — very fresh and satisfying!

When we got back to our apartment around 8pm, we noticed that our internet was out.   There were a couple of light blinking yellow.   “Maybe it was the storm,” I suggested.   We watched the movie  “Take Shelter,” an excellent movie about a man who thinks he is going crazy – but is he?  We fell to sleep hoping the internet would be better in the morning.

FYI – Yes, we brought our own DVDs on this trip.  Why not!  You never know when you just want to veg-out for the evening or stay in on a day when it rains.    We have also watched the movie  “We Need to Talk About Kevin”, another excellent movie which asks the question “is it nature or nurture that creates a monster?”  Last night we watched “Boy A” that posed the question “When do you forgive a terrible act?”   These questions are probably too deep to ponder during a vacation, but they give us something to talk about over dinner.

Quote of the day:   “I don’t know how to pronounce this!   It has every vowel except an ‘a’ in it!” – DH trying to pronounce the name of a Parisian street.


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