Paris 2013: Day 5 — Saint-Sulpice, Luxembourg Garden


Jardin du Luxembourg.  The park is the garden of the French Senate, which is housed in the Luxembourg Palace.

Correction:  Last night (8/6/13) I was wondering “did I post our visit to the Luxembourg Gardens?”   I discovered that I got the dates wrong in my previous posts — that is what jetlag can do to you!  So, I made the necessary corrections and here is my posting of our day at the Saint-Suplice Church and the Jardin du Luxembourg.

Sunday, 7/28/13

Frankly, I do not remember when we got up.  Let’s just say the sun was out and it would be another warm day.

It was a restless night for me.   I was awake, I was asleep — repeat!    My DH seems to be doing better but still, the heat and the humidity of the evening does not help one when it comes to sleeping.   The good news — the apartment is amazingly quiet, even with the windows open.

We went out for bread and an expresso.  We went back to the apartment and made breakfast — it was yummy and just the way we liked it!    Cooking for ourselves will save us loads of Euros — this breakfast would easily cost us 25 Euros at a cafe.


Eggs, fried potatoes, bread, and juice!

We decided to take one of the walking tours from the book my DH purchased yesterday while at the Galleries Lafayette bookstore — “A Paris Walking Guide:  20 Charming Strolls.”   We decided on the walk of  “The Saint-Sulpice Area” in the 6th Arrondissement.  With its world famous cityscape, deeply rooted intellectual tradition, prestigious history, beautiful architecture and central situation, this arrondissement has long been home to French intelligentsia and is a major localization for art galleries.  It is simply one of the most fashionable districts of Paris!  The big attractions of this district are the Saint-Sulpice Church and the Jardin du Luxembourg.


A street in the Saint Sulpice area.


This area is filled with French cafes.


The Saint-Sulpice Church.


The altar of the Saint-Sulpice Church.


The Saint-Sulpice Church is an impressive building. Look at these stone arches!


This is a famous painting by the artist Delacroix.


This organ has over 7000 pipes!


Today. anyone willing to wait in line could have a chance of playing this organ. This guy brought his own music and he played well. It was a complete thrill for him!


After the church, we stopped for some coffee and hot chocolate at the cafe next door. It was a lovely day and we stayed here for an hour or so just talking and taking in the scenery.


When we completed our walk, we took a stroll through the Jardin du Luxembourg. This park is huge! It was busy today with tourists and people playing tennis and chess.


This is the main fountain of the park. Children rent wooden boats to float in the fountain. The boats always seem to return to the fountain’s edge where the kids push the boat back into the fountain with wooden sticks. The kids really seem to enjoy this activity.


It was a lovely day and we found a shady bench to rest as we watched the world go by.

After the garden, we went back to the apartment to rest.   Around 9pm, we were wide awake and we went out for another walk around the neighborhood.


Our neighborhood while in Paris.

It was a long day, but a good one!

Quote of the day:   “What did we do yesterday?”  — DH


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