Paris 2013: Day 14 — St-Germain Quarter


A French brasserie with orange umbrellas!

Tuesday, 8/6/13

I woke up at 8:15am.  We are sleeping better.   We must be over the jet-lag so I can stop complaining about that now.

It is another slow morning for us with a late breakfast.   My DH had to try a new bakery this morning to get our baguette.   Apparently many businesses close for the month of August.  We knew that but we did not know the extent of the practice – stores and restaurants of all kinds forfeit a month’s worth of tourist dollars  to spend the summer elsewhere.  Could be because many places here do not have air conditioning and heat of Paris can be very uncomfortable — as we have found out.

Today I choose the walk – walking tour #5 out of the “Frommer’s Memorable Walks in Paris” book.   This walk covers the “intellectual, argumentative, creative, and cosmopolitan spirit” of the St-Germain Quarter district.   We head out of the apartment around 11am.   The weather is noticeably cooler and a bit cloudy – perfect walking weather!   Here are the highlights:


Shops on the Boulevard St-Germain des Pres.


Ecole des Beaux-Arts is Paris’s famous art school. Degas, Matisse, Monet, and Renoir are some of its graduates. See the painting of the kitty?


Time for a coffee break!


Rue Christine is where Gertrude Stein lived as well as a location for a number of popular bars where US soldiers used to hang out at the end of WWII.


Rue des Grands Augustin. Picasso lived here, close to his friend Gertrude Stein.


Rue Cour du Commerce. Dr Guillotine had an office here where he perfected his device on sheep.


This cafe looks like an old French cafe! Unfortunately, it is not highly rated on Tripadvisor. Stlll, it looks really French!


The St-Germain Quarter has lots of places to eat…


…places to buy flowers…


…places to buy ice cream…


…but now is time to get serious about dinner!

Around 6:30pm, we decide to have a fancy French dinner at a restaurant called La Procope – Ben Franklin ate here!


Le Procope is a French restaurant highly recommended on Tripadvisor. Ben Franklin ate here, his picture hangs in the window.


Oh-la-la! Very nice!


We shared an Onion Soup! It was huge! Look at all that cheese! It was as good as it looks!


My DH ordered the Beef Shank — minus the bone! It was excellent!


I ordered the Trout Almondine — it came with the bones! Good thing I watch Food Network, I knew how to de-bone it myself. It was also excellent!

After dinner, we take the Metro back to the apartment.   I finish the laundry and my DH calls his cousin to set up a visit.   The rest of the evening is email and a bit of the shows on BBC.   It is cloudy and rain is expected – good sleeping weather!

Quote of the day:   “Really?  We’ve been here two weeks?”  — DH


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