Paris 2013: Day 13 — Ile de la Cite


The bell towers of Notre-Dame Cathedral.

Monday, 8/5/13

Last night was good.  Still, I didn’t roll out of bed until 9am.   My DH went out for a baguette.  I surfed the web doing research for possible day-trips outside of Paris.   When he returned,  we made eggs and noshed on bread with butter.  All of this takes time but it was time well spent.

Around 1pm, we left the apartment and went for a walk of the “Ile de la Cite” outlined in the “Frommer’s Memorable Walks in Paris.”   The weather was sunny and warm with a slight breeze making the walk to the metro pleasant.  It would be like this for the rest of the day.

Ile De la Cite is Paris’s historical, spiritual, and administrative center.   The famous cathedral of Notre-Dame is actually situated here, on an island.  Of course, we went into the cathedral, we had too!


The line at Notre-Dame Cathedral. This Cathedral is celebrating its 850th birthday this year.


The line moved quickly and we were able to see the details of one of the main entry doors into the cathedral.


The altar in Notre-Dame Cathedral.


One of the two rosette windows in Notre-Dame Cathedral.


The Notre-Dame Cathedral is cavernous!


I love taking pictures like this! It looks so holy!


The back garden at Notre-Dame Cathedral.


After the cathedral, we took a walk by the Seine. This spot is the scene of many movies shot in Paris.


We continue our walk through the neighborhood and found the Palais of Justice.


Time for coffee?


We also found the Sainte Chapelle Church. This church has wonderful stained glass. Like most of the old churches, this one is going through a restoration.


This is the altar of the Sainte Chapelle Church.

We finished the walk around 6pm. We took the Metro home and I made a nice dinner of steak, yellow beans, and some leftover pasta we had sitting in the fridge.  My DH insisted that I post this picture of our dinner – he loves it when I cook!   We finished with some chocolate gelato we bought at the Monoprix a few blocks away.


We made a lovely dinner of steak, pasta, and yellow beans!

After dinner, my DH washed the dishes and retired to the bedroom to read on the Kindle.   I worked on the blog as I listened to the BBC.   It is day 13 and so far I have only posted up to day 6 due to the delay in fixing the internet in our apartment.   Oh well, not much I can do except try my best to catch up.

Quote of the Day:   “This line is moving!”  — Anna about the line at Notre-Dame Cathedral.


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