Paris 2013: Day 12 — The Louvre is free today!


The Louvre — lots of people around for a Sunday.

Sunday, 8/04/13

WTF — I wake at 8:44am!   My DH has been up for an hour, waiting.    Yes, he did tell me that he wanted an earlier start this morning because the Louvre gets packed on the free first-Sunday of the month.   I couldn’t help it.   I fell asleep at midnight, woke up at 3am because some mosquito was buzzing around, and fell asleep sometime around 5am.   By 9am, we are out the door to have breakfast at the market by the Bastille.

At the market we wander and look.  We share a ham, cheese, and egg crepe for breakfast.  Many vendors are not happy to have you take pictures of their booths – there is no money to be made in photos I guess.   Here are some rather poor pictures I took anyway:


There is fruit and vegetables….


…fresh seafood…


…LOTS of roasted chickens…


…we bought a ham, cheese, and egg crepe (yummy).

When we are done at the market, we hop on the Metro and are at the Musee du Louvre in ten minutes.    We walk to the glass pyramid in the center of the courtyard only to find hundreds of people sitting and standing about.  I ask the security guard where the line ends and he nods his head toward the Sully Wing.   DH and I walk pass the rat-maze of people near the museum entrance and follow the line of people all the way to the archway of the Sully Wing.  We are talking about a line of women, men, and children the length of a football field!   “No, I am not standing in that line in the hot sun,”  I tell my DH.   I can see the phrase “Well, if you wouldn’t have slept so late…” going through his mind but to his credit, he just said “OK”.


The line at the Louvre — Part 1.


The line at the Louvre — Part 2.

We sit on the steps of the Denon Wing and I look through maps and check the internet for alternative activities for the day.  My DH suggests that we try the underground entrance to the museum, I thought that was a great idea! We walk over to the Metro station at Palais Royal, across the street from the Louvre.   The metro station is packed with people all with the same idea.   I turn around and notice a couple of guys at the information booth.   I ask one of them where the underground access to the museum might be.  He says “it’s closed today.”  Figures!


Palais Royal.

Since we are there, we walk around the Palais Royal.   Being Sunday, there is nothing to see here – all the stores are closed and the garden in having some maintenance done – it is nothing but a dusty field with square trees.    We walk to the Jardin des Tuileries and find a couple of chairs under a tree.   We watch the world go by – maybe the line at the museum will shorten in an hour or so.


Watching the world go by.

An hour later, we are back at the Louvre.  No, the line is as long as ev-var!

It is 2:30pm and we decide to go for a late lunch.   I offer to buy pizza for lunch — that makes my DH happy!   We go back to Les Halles and have pizza at our favorite pizza place, Universita Della Pizza.   I order a salad and my DH orders a pizza.  Both were excellent!


Our favorite pizza place in Paris!


The salad with chicken was pretty good too!

After lunch, we walked around the area and found a church — Eglise Saint Eustache.   We like churches.


The Saint Eustache Church.


What is a church without a stained glass window or two?


France has some of the largest churches we have seen. But what I like about French churches is that they still look very “lace-like” even with all that stone.

After the church, we walked some more and find that we really like this area around Les Halles – it is filled with restaurants, chocolate shops, and ice cream stores.   It is getting late, so we jump on the Metro to go home for a nap.  Dinner tonight will be whatever we have in the fridge.   When I checked my email, I found this wonderful picture of Zoey and Cody in my inbox!   Our dog-sitter tells us the Zoey and Cody are “inseparable…they wrestle, they lick each other’s face, and sleep on each other’s paws!”   My heart just melts into a warm, drippy puddle in my chest!


Zoey has been on a vacation herself — she not only goes to the dog park with Cody, but she has also gone hiking and swimming! Do you think Zoey misses us?

I miss my dog….

So, what do Parisians do on a Sunday?   They hang out at cafes with friends and family and they avoid the tourist attractions.   In the end, that is what we did.   I wonder, were there any locals in the line at the Louvre?

We decided to take a walk on the Champs-Elysees to take on the nice evening.   Hey, it’s close by!


Champs-Elysees at night.

Quote of the day:  “Is the line even moving?” – Anna


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