Paris 2013: Day 10 — Staying cool


Walkway in the Les Halles shopping center.

Friday, 8/2/13

At 8am, we are to expecting the cable guy to stop by our apartment and fix our internet.   While my DH waits for the technician, I go out to get a baguette.  When I return, we make breakfast and wash the dishes.   Around 9am, the cable guy arrives.   By 9:30am, we finally have internet in our apartment after more than a week!   What was the problem?  A bad power cord on the router and the wrong serial number for access.   We are happy campers once more!

Around 10am, we go to the Monoprix to do some serious food shopping!     More eggs, more juice, more fruit, more cheese, more cookies, a steak, potatoes, and another bottle of wine.   Thirty minutes after arriving home, I have lunch on the table — a French steak, fried potatoes, and yellow beans.  Lunch was wonderful!

It is another hot day so we decide to look for somewhere cool to hang out.    Today we went to Les Halles, a large multi-story mall just a stones throw away from the Louvre.   If we plan the Metro right, we will not feel the heat of the day for hours!


Entry to the mall.

The mall is busy!  Obviously, our idea is a popular one.   After a couple of hours wandering into and out of shops, we buy our movie tickets and take our seats to watch “Wolverine” in 3D.   Another loud American movie with tons of special effects and an unbelievable story – I loved it!   Since my DH did not, I offered to buy him a pizza – that always works.


Time for pizza!


We share a pizza!

We found a nice little Italian place close to the mall and ordered a thin pizza to share.   It was excellent!   The pizzas here are thin and chewy and loaded with veggies and laced with cheese.   They got the combination of ingredients just right we thought.

After dinner, we decide to walk to the Jardin des Tuileries by the Louvre where there is a carnival in progress.   I snap pictures of the ferris wheel and all the rides with the brightest lights.   We sit under the trees at the park and enjoy the cool breeze.   The weather turned out to be perfect for an evening of looking up at the pink clouds in the sky over the garden.


Anna: “Look — a Ferris Wheel!”


DH: “Oh no — a Ferris Wheel!”


I can take pictures of carnivals all night!


Oh — pretty lights!


Sunset over the fountain in the garden.

Around 9pm we took the Metro back to the apartment.   My DH checked his email in the bedroom, I worked on my blog in the sitting room — I am way behind!   But the connection seems to be strong and fast — I like that!   Overall, it was a good day where we did not let the heat get the best of us.

Quote of the Day:  “I know we are in Paris, but it is time we had pizza!”  — DH


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