Paris 2013: Day 9 — Market, River, and a Twinkling Tower


Twinkle, twinkle, little tower…

Thursday, 8/1/13

I slept well last night.  Could it be that I have adjusted to my new timezone?

Another trip to the bakery for some more bread – this is becoming a routine.   My DH decides to try a new bakery, there are a lot of them in the area.  If the bread is any indication, he found a good one!

It was a slow morning for us.   Breakfast, dishes, nap, and a bit of the world news.   We didn’t leave the apartment until noon to take another walk from our “20 Charming Walks of Paris” book — the “On and Off Rue Mouffetard Walk”.   We first discovered Rue Mouffetard on our 2009 Paris trip.   We loved the market and all the interesting cafes and restaurants along the street — especially the crepe places that make Nutella and Banana crepes as big as your head for around 3 Euros!    Believe me, that is a deal!!!


The market at Rue Mouffetard.

We take the metro to the Les Gobelins station.   We get a few blocks into the walk before we decide that it is just too hot to continue the the walk (it is 94 degrees – in the shade).   We stopped at a café on the Rue Mouffetard and shared a salad and a warm bottle of water.  The salad was good and the market was busy with vendors and shoppers.   After lunch, we walked up the hill of Rue Mouffetard, peering into shops and taking advantage of any that had air conditioning.   My DH succumbs to the intoxicating smell of a Nutella and Banana crepe.  I opt for a chocolate and caramel gelato.  I would have taken a picture but our hands were full.

So, what can one do on such a hot day in Paris?   You sit somewhere cool (or at least with a breeze) and watch the world go by.   We decide to take the 10 minute walk to the Seine and do just that – in the shadow of Notre-Dame no less.   It is still hot but there is also a cool breeze and we watch the tour boats go by while sipping from our water bottles.  The cool breeze was delicious too!


Sitting on the bank of the Seine and listening to the bells of Notre-Dame Cathedral.

We enjoy the river for about an hour and then decide to wander through the Latin Quarter to see all the fast food joints – most of them Greek.   The smell of roast chicken and lamb is wonderful!  But the heat of the day has not helped our appetite, so we hop on the Metro and head back to our apartment for a snack and nap.

Around 9pm, we are rested and the temperature has cooled down into the low 80’s.   I suggest we go watch the Eiffel Tower twinkle.  It was a magnificent show!


The Eiffel Tower at night.

Quote of the Day:   “Here’s our favorite crepe stand!” — DH


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