Paris 2013: Day 7 — Parc Monceau and more shopping


The Roman colonnade in Parc Monceau.

Tuesday, 7/30/13

Jet-lag.  I hate it!

Needless to say, we awake late.  Still, it is not like we need to be anywhere special at any given time.   So after a breakfast of cereal and fruit, we go for a walk to the Parc Monceau area to get a coffee and hot chocolate at one of our favorite cafes, Dome.   This public park situated in the 8th arrondissement, a good walk from where we are staying now in the 17th.   Still, it is a lovely walk on a sunny morning!

We discovered Dome last summer when we rented an apartment in the area for a week.  The coffee is excellent and the hot chocolate is thick, like pudding!


Coffee for me and hot chocolate for my DH.

The walk, the coffee, and the hot chocolate were just as good as we remembered!   We also discovered The Petite Rose bakery where we bought a slice of chocolate cake.   They put it in a pretty pink box that was just too feminine for a guy like my DH to carry.


Such a pretty shop!

Parc Monceau was just as lovely as we remembered it too and we took our time strolling through it.  It’s loveliest spot is its classical Roman colonnade (picture above).

After our walk through the park, we walked back to our apartment, gathered up our laptops, and went for lunch and free Wifi at one of our favorite restaurants, La Place.   After eating a delicious lunch of steak and salad, we pulled out and turned on the laptops.   My DH worked on his stocks, I finally took the final exam of my Digital Photography class.  Forty minutes later, I scored high enough to pass the class!

Did I tell you?   Our landlord sent us an email late yesterday.  The earliest he can get anyone to look at our bad internet router in the apartment is Friday?  Friday!

After dropping off our laptops at the apartment, we decide to figure out how to use the washer and dryer.   Considering our limited French, we were able to figure out the meaning of all the knobs and switches.  With one load in each, we decided to take the metro stop at the far end of the Champs-Elysees.   Our mission today was to wander in and out of all the fancy shops on route to the Arc de Triomphe.  My DH also promised me macaroons from Ladureeyeah!

By the time we arrived on the Avenue, it was cloudy and threatening rain.   As planned, we wandered in and out of the fancy malls that hook-up to the main street.    To our surprise, we were able to find another store that has the perfume we were looking for — the one the dog-sitter requested, Givenchy (so she can smell like Audrey Hepburn).


One of many shopping galleries off the Champs-Elysees.  They make good use of the old buildings — just look at that ceiling and the art deco lamps!

We finally made it to Laduree only to be faced with a long line going out it’s green door and into the street.   I could not help but to think that there is just sometime wrong about standing in line for sugar that our waistlines do not need.    So we moved on – for now.


Can you believe it?

It began to rain.   Not hard but just enough to warrant a tuck into a café for coffee.   When it stopped raining, we headed back to the apartment.

I made dinner from the leftover chicken and pasta and some mushrooms I picked up at the market yesterday.   For dessert, we had that chocolate cake to celebrate the fact that I will still be on the Dean’s List this semester!  But, are we sleepy yet?  No.

The TV in our bedroom has a DVD player, so we popped in a movie.   Tonight, we watched “The Call”, a thriller about a 911 operator.   The movie was good, nearly believable, very scary.

Quote of the Day:   “What?  You want to smell like Audrey Hepburn too!!!” — DH


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