Paris 2013: Day 6 — Walk of the 7th Arrondisement


A walk down the Rue de Sevres.

Monday, 7/29/13

Another restless night.   I hate jet-lag.   I woke at 8:15am.   DH and I went out for bread and made breakfast in the apartment.   It is really nice to have a working kitchen where we can make what we want, how we want it, and when we want it.  These fried potatoes and eggs (with juice and fresh baked bread) would have easily cost us 15 Euros a piece at a local cafe.

After breakfast, we plan our day – another walking tour.  This time, we decide to go on the “From UNESCO to the Bon Marche” in the 7th Arrondissement.  This arrondissement is home to the French upper class since the 17th century, when it became the new residence of French highest nobility.

We walk to the Metro station and step up to the information/ticket counter to purchase our Navigo cards (a monthly pass of the Metro system) for the month of August.  When we saw the attendant slam the phone down on the counter and spew forth bad words in French, we should have just walked away.   But we didn’t.  The attendant did not speak English, we did not speak French, and we walked away with a single Navigo card for a single week instead of two passes for a single month.  Geez!

We continued to our stop to start our walking tour.   As we left the station, we hear this ticket attendant speaking English so we talk to him.   There is nothing we can do about the weekly pass, but we were able purchase the second monthly pass without a problem.  We will just have to replenish the weekly pass as needed.    Geez!

Our walking tours starts at the UNESCO building and the Military Academy situated right behind the park of the Eiffel Tower.   The tour was interesting as we learn about the architecture and cultural significance of some of the buildings in this neighborhood.   I told my husband I thought these tours were fun – a sort of an ‘I spy’ game.  “I spy a craving of a sheep’s head!”

After the walking tour, we tuck into a café for a late lunch of quiche and salad.   We than explore the Bon Marche – another exclusive department store.   Bon Marche was the first department store in the world to use price tags on each item and to stop the practice of bargaining for goods.  Interesting, eh?


The Bon Marche department store.

Bon Marche is large and upscale but not as impressive as the Galleries Lafayette.   However, it is the gourmet food store, Epicerie, that we found the more interesting.   The deli, teas, chocolates, fish, beef, fois gras, and other food stalls are beautiful to behold.  However, the section of US Food was the most interesting.


The USA food counter at Epicerie — American convenience foods in the heart of Paris. It seems to me the USA could do better than Pop Tarts and Marshmallow Fluff.


A wall of expensive water.

After Bon Marche, we switch to the Rick Stevies walking tour.   We followed Rue de Sevres to see all the fashion and chocolate shops.  We also took a stroll down Rue du Cherche-Midi to see the famous bread shop Poilane that makes beautiful round loaves with designer crusts.

By 5pm, we were all walked out.   We headed back to the apartment via the Metro and took a nap.   Around 7pm the skies opened up with rain and thunder.   Needless to say, we were in for the night.

Quote of the Day:   “Pop Tarts and Fluff? Really?”  — DH


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