Paris 2013: Day 4 — Shopping and a movie


The interior dome of Galleries Lafayette.

Saturday, 7/27/13

I wake at 9:30am.  My DH is watching the news.   He tells me of the huge thunderstorm last night.  “The wind, the lighting, the rain!” he says.   “How could you sleep through that?” he asks.   I don’t know, I just did.

By 10am, we are out the door dragging our grocery cart behind us.   We are looking for a bakery and a market, in that order.   We find a bakery just down the street and we order a Triple Chocolate Croissant to share and an espresso.    OMG – the croissant was buttery and flaky with a lace of dark chocolate!  Not at all sweet but satisfying all the same!  All the pastry items look so wonderful here!    This will be our regular bakery for our trip!


A new item on our to-do-list — try everything!


A stroll through the market looking for a roasted chicken.

The weather is still humid, but cool, nice enough to look for a market to get some basic stuff – and rotisserie chicken with potatoes!   We get our cheese, wine, and chicken at the local street market.   We get butter, tea, tissues, crackers, cereal, and eggs at one of the more modern markets.

Back at the apartment, we clear off the kitchen table from all our electronics, and have a nice lunch of chicken, potatoes, cheese, and wine.   My DH earns his nap by doing the dishes as document our trip just in case I am ever able to blog again in France.

What is it about France and the internet, anyway?   As you may remember, I lost weeks of blogging time while in France last summer due to poor or non-existent internet service.   I have yet to fully recover from that disappointment.   It has been a year and I still have Bruges and Amsterdam entries to post!

Around 2pm, we take the Metro to the Opera station.   Our plan – to find somewhere air-conditioned.   We want to hang out there for a couple of hours before going to an air-conditioned movie theater.   Saturday is not the best day to go shopping but then it is not wise to spend hours in the hot sun either.   Thus, the lessor of the two evils is to spend some time in the world famous Galleries Lafayette and take in a movie to escape from the evening heat.

Department stores were born in Paris and Galleries Lafayette is like the Parisian crown jewel for shopping.   Three buildings spread over a couple of blocks, the shopping here is phenomenal with designer and other high-end brands.   We roam through the perfume stalls under the stained glass dome.   We wander through the very chic bookstore on the sixth floor.  We check out the gourmet shop where every little jar, tin, and package is a work of art!  But mostly, we go shoulder-to-shoulder with the hordes of tourists (mostly Japanese) as they tumble out of tour buses after tour bus.

The movies theaters were only a few blocks away from the Galleries.  We make the 7pm showing of “Pacific Rim”, an American Godzilla movie that is loud and packed with non-stop 3D effects (in English with French sub-titles).   The theater is quite empty which goes to show you what Parisians think of this movie – we agree.

After the movie, we wander the streets enjoy the cool evening air, it feels like it might rain.   We stop at a French restaurant and share a delicious french salad of tuna, tomatoes, green beans, and eggs – lightly dressed, of course!   We took the Metro home and were in bed by midnight.   No rain.

Quote of the Day:  “But Honey, it’s not like France is a third world country!”  — Anna regarding our internet access problem.


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