Paris 2013: Day 3 – SIM Cards and Exploring Paris


Arc de Triomphe

Friday, 7/26/13

Our night was not good.   Even though the apartment is quiet and the fan is cooling, each of us take our turns waking up and attempting to fall back to sleep.   A mosquito is in the room and my arms get a number of bites.  Good thing I remember to bring the great bug-bite ointment from Italy!   Good thing my DH packed some bug repellent.   My DH told me it rained with thunder last night!   I didn’t notice.

When in Paris, do as the Parisians do — get up in the morning and go out and buy a baguette of bread!    And that is just want we did!

After a yummy breakfast of eggs and bakery items, we final leave our apartment at 2pm to explore the neighborhood and get some SIM cards for our cell phones.   We make our way to the Arc de Triomphe, at the western end of the Champs-Élysées.  We take a left and find the Orange store (a French telecommunications company).   Getting the SIM cards for our cell phones was easy enough.   The gentleman helping us spoke English, our cell phones are fairly new models Ian Apple iPhone5 and a Samsung Galaxy 3), and my DH had the foresight to bring his passport.   The cost — 20 Euros each for 500MB of data and a few minutes of local phone calls.  We each now have our very own European phone number — sweet!

With phone access, my DH calls the landlord – he tells us he is working on getting our internet fixed.  I speak to him to let him know how disappointed I was that the internet is not working and that my standing on the Dean’s list is now on the line.  He suggests we buy and install a new router.   I suggest that maybe this is the responsibility of the cable company!   He says he will continue to work on it.

With internet access on my phone, I am able to read my emails.   My professor is vague on whether or not I can reschedule my exam.   I ask him what my options are.

I know that at my age I probably should not care about a grade.   But as I explained to my DH, I spent a lot of time and effort on that class.   To not take the exam (which would result in a failing grade) is not only unjust but also very, very, very sad in my opinion.  My DH takes me to a nice French restaurant to cheer me up.  There we order salad and an omelet – it was very, very, very nice!


The Eiffel Tower

We continued our walk to the Eiffel Tower and the Seine.   We find a highly-rated gelato shop and share two scoops.

We take the Metro back to that apartment where I sleep for another 3 hours.  By 10pm, we are taking an evening stroll through the neighborhood enjoying the cool breeze.   We stop at a café and I order an omelet and try not to scratch my mosquito bites – the humidity  just seems to make them worst!

By midnight, we are back at the apartment.  We are tired but can’t sleep.  We watch one of the many DVD’s  my DH brought with him.  At 2:30am, I think we fall asleep.

Quote of the Day:   “I am sure the internet will be fixed soon, Honey!”  — DH


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