Paris 2013: Day 1, Flight to Paris


Our plane is waiting….

Wednesday, 7/24/13

Our shuttle to the airport was on time.  Our plane left SFO on time.   You can’t ask for anything better than that, can you?

The flight was uneventful.   Even the group of teenagers kept their rowdiness to a minimum.   I watched four movies on the flight over to France — my new Bose noise-reducing headphones were wonderful for this purpose!    My DH tried to sleep, but could not.  We were both awake for the full flight.

It was a long flight.  Approximately 11 hours.  Alas, this is the real price of world travel, is it not?

The most memorable thing about the flight was the dinner – I really liked the tasty beef dish with gravy and mashed potatoes!

So, why are we spending a month in Paris?      After our 108-day European trip last year, we thought we might enjoy staying in a fabulous European city for an extended period of time — you know, live life like a European for a while.   Paris was our first choice for such an experiment.

Quote of the day:    “Noon?   But our flight doesn’t leave until 3:40pm!” — DH regarding the scheduled time of our airport shuttle pickup.


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