Paris 2013: Another Adventure Begins…


All our bags are packed…

Yes!  My DH and I are going to Paris!   We leave tomorrow — we are very excited about that!

Last summer we only spent 8 days in Paris.  This time, we are spending 33 days there.   We rented an apartment.   The city should be quiet — all that heat, you know!

Why 33 days?    Well, it is all we could manage this year.   You see, my DH and I did not plan our summer well.   First, I took a  Digital Photography class (five weeks).  Second, we had some out-of-town visitors that needed entertaining (two weeks).  Third, I start classes again in September.  But most importantly, we had to consider our wonderful dog, Zoey.  She is nearly a year old and just too darn cute to leave in a kennel.   So, we spent a couple of months interviewing other Aussie owners as potential dog-sitters.   We wanted someone who would care and love her like we do — you know, take her out for walks, take her to the dog park, rub her belly, throw a ball, talk baby-talk to her, and play tug-of-war on a regular basis.   As luck would have it, we found a nice young couple with a Miniature Aussie named Cody.    For the last couple of months, we have had the pleasure of exchanging puppy-sitting services with them.   In the end, we feel confident that Zoey will be happy and safe spending the next few weeks at Cody’s house.


Zoey, on the road to Cody’s house.


Zoey and Cody — BFF!

Will I blog about our time in Paris?   You bet!   We learned from our European trip last summer so this time we are taking two laptops so that my DH gets a fighting chance in using some technology.   I also learned that daily entries are just too stressful and this trip is so not about stress!   My goal is to post one entry a week.

So what the heck do we plan to do in 33 days?   Our plans are sketchy.  Off the top of my head, I think we will spend a few days at the Louvre, have a few picnics in the park, visit some of the smaller towns surrounding Paris, and eat.   But mostly, we plan to enjoy Paris!


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