Hawaii 2013: Day 8, Going Home


Sand on the toes, waves on my feet, my heart is happy!

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Woke up at 8am.   I must have finally adjusted to Hawaii time, just in time to leave.

I take a shower, make some coffee, and start working on my blog.   An half hour later, my DH rises from bed and says “Let go for a walk on the beach!”   Sorry dear readers, I’m going for a walk on the beach!

The sun is out, the air is warm, and we follow the cool breeze to the beach!  Here are some pictures:


I promise, this is the last picture of Diamond Head.


My DH, he has great ideas!

Ah, Hawaii!    It has been a blast being here!

At 11am, we check out of the hotel and catch the shuttle to the airport.   At this time of day, it is only a 30 minute ride.   We find the airport to be buzzing with activity!   Before we can stand in line at the Alaska Air line, we need to send our checked baggage through the agricultural inspection.   Hawaii is not only very concerned about what vegetation or food comes into Hawaii, but also what goes out.   But my DH and I have no worries about such things, we have purchased close to nothing in regards to souvenirs.  Other than pineapple, that is.


For our Puppy-Sitter, 10 pounds of pineapple just picked this morning and delivered to my hotel by Da Pineapple Guy.


Honolulu Airport.

Our plane leaves on time and the ride back home is uneventful for us.   We munch on graham crackers and a turkey and cucumber sandwich I purchased at Starbucks before boarding.   I talk to a lady in the seat next to me for almost the entire flight.   Her name is Valerie and she is a Honolulu local.   She used to be a financial consultant for the elderly and had lots of stories to tell.    She is one of those women how has done a lot, lived a lot, and is now in a peaceful place in her life.   I like her.  I hope to find her on Facebook.

Our plane arrives in San Jose three minutes early, at 9:27pm.   By the time we reach the baggage claim, it is a short wait for our bags.   Once we collect our bags, we are off to get a cab to take us home.

From the time we land to the time we set foot in our driveway, it is less than 30 minutes — that is the benefit of living close to an airport!   We see that our neighbor’s lights are still on, so we set our bags in the house and go over there to collect Zoey.

After hellos, hugs, and the presentation of 10 pounds of pineapples,  Zoey calms down from her excitement of seeing us.   See immediately claims my DH by sitting on his foot.   Did I tell you that she is the sweetest dog EVER!

So, we are back home and our pack of three is complete again.   Hawaii was great but being home is pretty darn good too!


Are you ready to play?


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