Hawaii 2013: Day 6, Chief’s Luau


Another lovely day in Hawaii!

Monday, April 29, 2013

Woke at 6:45am.   The sun is out, the sky is blue, all is well in the islands!

I made coffee and worked on the blog.  Around 10am, we get a call from Michael, the Hotel concierge – our submarine ride has been cancelled due to rough seas.    “Really!” says my DH.   We reschedule for tomorrow.  So my DH and I have the day free before our 3:15pm ride to the Luau later this evening.

Around 10:30am, we leave the hotel to do some shopping for gifts.   We decide to spend some more time at the International Market Place, an interesting tourist trap where you can bargain for items.  We are looking for interesting things and lunch.


The International Market Place. Tons of shops and a food court of good local fare.


The shops are located under these large trees.


Another lunch at Blue Waters.

At some point, we wandered to the Waikiki Beach to do some people watching.  Yep, the sea is rough.  It is topped with wave upon wave and the surfers are loving it!  We sit in a shady spot on a warm rock wall.  One of Honolulu’s finest, a cop, walks up to us and says “You two look relaxed!”   “We are” says my DH.   The nice cop touches the rim of his hat and says “You two have a good day!” and he strolled out.   I think he was having a good day too!


A nice shady spot for people watching!


This is our hotel, in case you were wondering…

At around 2pm, we take off our sandals and walk the beach as we make our way back to our hotel to catch the bus for the luau.

We will be attending the “Chief’s Luau”.   It is highly rated in TripAdvisor and Michael tells us that it is the most authentic Luau in the area.   The bus will take us to the east side of the island and on to a small sea life water park.   The ride takes about half an hour and we watch the sea go by as the sun sets over the mountain.

When we arrived, we are given a lovely shell necklace and a yellow wrist band that indicates that we bought the cheap seats at table 24.   No matter, our group of tourists is small and we get seats right next to the stage – sweeeeet!

Here are some pictures of our evening:


The Chief’s Luau venue — A lovely location off the sea. We choose our seats and take a look around.


I decide to try my hand at throwing a spear. I didn’t do very well but I felt powerful and that is all the matters, isn’t it.


We decided to skip the hula lesson and go see the sea life.


The park was closed and it was cage/tank cleaning time. Here are some sea turtles waiting for the water to be restored to their small domain.


Lazy seals.


“Do my cute eyes and wet nose remind you of some puppy you left behind?”


Topical birds.


The dolphin tank. We saw a couple of dolphins but my pictures didn’t turn out.


Our host is the “Chief” –TripAdvisor called him the “Samoan Richard Dawson”.


Dinner (a roasted pig) is ready!


The food was good! From top left to bottom right — roast pork, fish, fruit, loni loni salmon  (a salmon relish), poi bread roll, and steamed veggies. For dessert there was a really good pineapple cake. And a MaiTai (or two), of course!


The show began with the traditional Hawaiian Hula.


These girls are dancing the Tahitian Hula.


Men do the hula too.


Actually, there were more male dancers than female dancers. I did not mind that.


The main event of the evening were the Fire Dancers!


Impressive! At one point in the show, there were eight Fire Dancers that just lit up the night sky!

Overall, the show was good.  Other than a couple of small rain showers that sent us for cover, it was an enjoyable evening with good food.   TripAdvisor describes the “Chief” as a Samoan Richard Dawson and he kept the show moving with yells and shouts  and many “Aloooooooha!”.   However, the majority of the entertainment came from the audience.  Audience participation is big in this show and there were many funny (and possibly embarrassing) moments.   My DH and I did not participate, we just watched.

We were back at the hotel by 9pm.   My two MaiTais (my DH gave me his drink ticket) has made me sleepy.  I plug in our electronics for charging to get ready for tomorrow, our last full day in Hawaii.

Quote of the day #1:   “I miss my dog!” – Anna

Quote of the day #2:  “I miss my dog!”  — DH


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