Hawaii 2013: Day 2, Bishop Musuem

The Bishop Museum, a good place to learn some history about Hawaii!

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Woke up at 6am.  Jet lag will not let me sleep so I guess I will just have to settle for 4 hours of sleep today.   The sun is shining!

I did an hour of yoga to work out all the Udon noodle broth salt from my joints.   I also brewed a pot of Kona coffee.  If you have never had this coffee, it is truly something special – earthy and mellow with nice nutty notes, you just have to try it sometime.  The 100% stuff is around $20/pound.

By 9:30am, my DH and I were sitting in chairs across the desk of our hotel’s concierge, Michael.    We are looking for things to do while in Hawaii.  We only have a few vague ideas so I thought he could help us solidify things.  After an hour (and a swipe of my credit card) we are set up with the following plan:

  • Friday 4/26 – All-day tour of the island of Oahu
  • Saturday 4/27 – Tour the Royal Palace and check out Chinatown
  • Sunday 4/28 – Pearl Harbor
  • Monday 4/29 – Submarine ride and evening luau
  • Tuesday 4/30 – Free to do whatever we want
  • Wednesday 5/1 – Off to the airport to return home

With an afternoon free, we decided to learn the Honolulu bus system and go to the Bishop Museum to learn some history about the islands.   We find the bus stop and we wait for the #2 bus.   My DH uses his iPhone to find us a place to eat nearby.


Waiting for the #2 bus.

Thiry minutes later, we get off the bus one stop before the museum stop to have lunch at Helena’s Hawaiian Food.   At first I thought, “Are you kidding me?”


We are off the bus, but are we still in Hawaii?


Are you serious?




Found it!


Waiting for lunch.

However, after ordering their roasted pork, beef short ribs, and refreshing salmon salad, dive or not, this food was good!


Nothing fancy, just good!

After lunch, we walk to the Bishop Museum.    This is the premier place to experience the history, arts and culture of the Hawaiian people.


An Hawaiian cemetery on the way to the museum.

We immediately partake in a lecture about the hula.  I find that my DH has quite the knack for doing the hula.   I would have taken pictures of him but then I was doing it too.  Sorry about that, I didn’t want to risk slapping someone in the face with my new Canon Rebel T3i camera that my HD got me for Christmas – that would have been bad (injured tourist and/or broken camera).  You know about the hula, it is all about expressive hand and arm movements.

Next, we attend a show at the Bishop Museum Planetarium where it was cool and dark and my DH took a nap.   After, we looked at the exhibits of the history of Hawaii and it royal leaders.   Interesting stuff.  I especially liked the big whale hanging from the ceiling.  Here are some pictures:


A big whale hangs in the main building.


This building contains the history of Hawaiian Kings and Queens.


The Bishop Museum also has a nice exhibit of sea shells.

At around 5pm, we caught the bus back to our hotel.  It was nice to see all the buildings and parks along the way.  If the buildings are any indication, Honolulu is caught in the 1960 (mood music, please).  Did you know that Hawaii became a state in 1959?

At the hotel, I took a nap for 2 hours.  At 8:30pm, my DH and I go out for a bowl of Ramen noodles.  The air is cooler and Lewers Street is alive with open shops, restaurants, and flaming tiki torches.

There is a short line out the door at Ramen Nakamura  we decide to wait anyway.   After 20 minutes we are seated in the small restaurant with barely 20 seats around a U-shaped counter.   My DH and I decide to share the Ox-tail Ramen with fried rice and potstickers.   The noodles are hot, the ox-tail is tender, the rice is flavorful, and the potstickers are juicy.  Good choice, DH!


The exterior of my new favorite Ramen Noodle place!


The menu.


Our dinner before….


…our dinner after.

We head  back at the hotel around 10pm.   The streets are still packed with people.  I love the look of the city by tiki light!


Tiki torches light our way back to the hotel.


Even Starbucks looks better by tiki light!

My DH settles down with a book and I download/sort/label/compress my pictures, plug in all the phones and camera batteries for recharge, and write my blog.   Boy, am I glad I took a nap!

Quote of the day:   “Can you find a less pretty neighborhood for lunch?” – Anna to DH


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