Hawaii 2013: Day -1


Push aside all the homework — I’m going travelling!

Whenever I ready myself for a trip, John Denver’s song “I’m Leaving on a Jet Plane” runs through my mind.  You know the line — “all my bags are packed, I’m ready to go…”    And so is my DH.

Yes, we are going off on another trip!    For the moment, never mind that I have school work and have yet to post the 12 last days of our 2013 Europe trip — we are going to Hawaii, after all!   No time to dwell on the past!  Right now I have to decide whether or not to pack socks!

Why Hawaii?    Well… a number of years ago (way before I became acquainted with the financial genius of my DH), I fell victim to the high pressure sales of a timeshare circus-like event (they found me when I registered to win a free car at the mall, serves my greedy-self right).   My only saving grace in this whole situation is that I bought the cheap unit (available only on odd-numbered years) and I did not  finance it.   However, since I am still paying the yearly maintenance fees and  these things are almost impossible to sell, I figure we might as well use it.   It hasn’t been too bad of an investment in that we have used it numerous times and the facilities have been wonderful!   Anyway, a couple of months ago I was looking through the exchange book and requested a number of locations and we got  Hawaii!   So to Hawaii we will go!  Honolulu on Oahu, to be more “pacific” — hahahaha!   Can you tell that I am giddy about the whole thing?

Unfortunately, this trip also means that it will be the first time I and my DH will be separated from our new 9-month old puppy, Zoey.   Yes, DH — I know she will be staying at our neighbor’s house and they are truly lovely people.   Yes, I know Zoey will love playing with their large fluffy white dog who will remind Zoey every day that she too is a dog (and maybe Zoey will learn how to use the doggy door, right?).   Yes, yes, yes — it is better than a kennel.   So tomorrow at  7:30am, we will walk Zoey over to the neighbor’s house and deposit her and her blankie and toys (and anything else that smells like us) into their capable arms.  Zoey will be better than cared for – she will be loved and dominated by a mature Samoyed.  But still — I’m going to miss my puppy!


Look at her! She knows something’s up!

Well, our bags are packed, the lights are on timers,  and our boarding passes are printed.  The taxi is scheduled to take us to the airport at 8am for our 9:30am departure.   The flight is something like 6 hours long  (but with the time change it is hard to really know for sure).

Assuming that we have a good internet connection at our condo (and we should, it is still the US after all) I hope to post something every evening.  But then, you never know what could happen, do you?

Quote of the day:   “I think I need a bigger suitcase.”  — DH


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