Europe 2012: Day 86, Fussen to Baden-Baden

A cheery house on a gloomy day in Baden-Baden, Germany.

A cheery house on a gloomy day in Baden-Baden, Germany.

Friday 8/31/12 – Fussen to Baden-Baden

Woke at 7am.   It is cloudy with light rain.

Our hotel offers a nice breakfast buffet – breads, deli meats, hard-boiled eggs, cereal, juices, and coffee.   After we’ve eaten, I made a couple of meat sandwiches for the road.   We checked out of our lovely and warm hotel and did the long walk to the train station one last time.   The mountains were shrouded in clouds and mist and the rain came down in a light drizzle.  The cool, crisp, air felt really good!

What did we learn from Fussen?    Fussen is a nice small town with a lovely lake and lovely castles.   The one lesson I learned is that not everywhere with beautiful sites is tourist friendly.  I felt that the people who run the Neuschwanstein and Hohenschwangau Castles could have done a better job of crowd control.  Someone should have been monitoring the bus loading zone to ensure fairness and safety.   Someone should have been there at the Neuschwanstein castle to ensure that paying visitors get the assistance they need when machinery fails.   Without such things, it is all just greed in my book.

The train left Fussen on time and we were able to find a seat and stow our luggage without a problem.   The first leg of our trip was two hours and the train gradually filled up.   We made our first transfer without a problem.   Our second leg was another two hours, but this time we were in first class seating.   I was able to pull out the laptop and work on the blog.  There was an electrical outlet and my DH was able to charge his iPod.   Life was sweet.

Our last transfer went well too due to the fact that we did not have to change platforms.   This was also a first class train but many of the seats appeared to reserved so we had to sit apart in whatever un-reserved seats were available.  Oh well, we are used to this by now.


Riding on the train, watching the misty mountains day go by…


…wherever we go, the gray sky remains close by…


…alas, at least the grass is green.

Our train arrived at our final transfer station of the day.   As we stepped off the train, we congratulated ourselves on how well things appear to be going for us!  That is, until our  my DH noticed something – his iPod was missing!  It wasn’t in any of his pockets.  It wasn’t in his backpack.   I didn’t have it.  It was gone.

Through out our last leg of our trip, my DH replayed the last 30 minutes of his life over and over and over in his head.   When, where, how could he have lost it?  But it was gone and so was his  to-do list, his stock feeds, his financial feeds, his free apps – he might have well as lost his best friend!  My DH was heartbroken!  I was at a loss on how to console him.   All I could offer was, “I’m sorry.”  We made a mental note of all the passwords that we would need to change once we got to our hotel in Baden-Baden.

We arrived in Baden-Baden on time.   We were able to get a taxi and in 10 minutes, we were at the Hotel Schweizer Hof.  Ten minutes later, our remaining two electronic devices were connected to the WiFi and we were changing passwords on our email and social network accounts.   My DH also found the “Lost and Found” web-site for the German train system.   He filled out the form and submitted it to the authorities.   He also did a search of lost items and found that an MP3 player was found and turned in – maybe that’s his lost iPod!   He put in an inquiry about the object and hoped for the best.

We spent the rest of the afternoon in the city center of Baden-Baden.  I borrowed an umbrella from the hotel  because it was still raining.   We visited the Tourist Information Office and did some window shopping.  We also walked by two of the most popular spas in the city – Baden-Baden is known for its thermal springs and Roman-like bath houses (it is “the thing” to do here).   However, the lost iPod was not far from our thoughts.


One of the main streets in Baden-Baden, Germany.


We can’t seem to escape the plague of scaffolding.


The streets of Baden-Baden are lovely — wonder what they would look like if the sun were shining?


The architecture here is very elegant!


What a pretty yellow!


Of course, there must be at least one beer garden!

After our walk, we went back to the hotel to see if there was any news from the German train system, there was none.  It is Friday evening and we are not sure if any German Train officials are even reading our lost and found request.   I nap a little and my DH watches some TV and surfs the web.   Around 8pm, we decide we are hungry.   We decide to try a Thai restaurant across from the hotel.  We order a tofu stir fry and Chinese noodles.  We take our food to go because the dining room is cold and uncomfortable.   The food is tasty but it cannot shake the gloomy mood of  our lousy luck.

Quote of the day:   “I can’t believe it!” – DH at loss of his iPod.


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