Europe 2012: Day 85, Ruette

Main Square in Ruette, Austria.

Thursday, 8/30/12

Woke at 7am.  It is cloudy and rain is predicted.  But we will not let it hinder us – we are grabbing umbrellas from the hotel and catching a bus to Ruette!

Why Ruette?   Rick Steve’s says it is a good representative of an Austrian town.   Yes, we are heading back into Austria!   We love Austria!   Heck, it seems that we go to Germany just to go to Austria, does it not?

Another long walk to the bus station is required to catch the 9:05AM bus to Ruette.   The ride was lovely.   We passed through a  bunch of little villages (part of the bus’s daily route) and are able to enjoy the countryside a bit.   Here are a couple of pictures that turned out:

On the bus to Ruette, Austria.

We passed through a number of small towns on the way to Ruette, Austria.

We crossed this river a number of times before reaching Ruette, Austria.

We reached Ruette in 20 minutes.   The sun peaks out for a moment and than recedes again as we make our way through town.   Ruette is a small town indeed — we walked its length in less than 20 minutes.   Ruette’s big sights seem to be its painted buildings — here are some pictures:

Ruette’s main street.

It is all about the painted buildings here! This one is has a modern design.

This building is more traditional.

So is this one.

Oh — I love horses!

Around noon, we are hungry and we begin our search for food.   Ruette has a number of cute cafes and restaurants but none of them appealed to us.   We decided to catch the next bus back to Fussen where we knew there were some interesting restaurants.

We reached Fussen in 20 minutes.  The ride was lovely.   We passed through a  bunch of little villages (part of the bus’s daily route) and are able to enjoy the countryside a bit more.   During the trip, my DH and I discussed lunch and decided to have something other than sausages – like Chinese maybe?   On TripAdvisor, a Chinese restaurant with a memorable name was mentioned – the Wok-In.    Just our luck, the Wok-In was just across the street from the bus station in Fussen!  It was meant to be!!

The Wok-In is a casual place.   You walk in, order your dishes at the cashier, take a seat, and wait for your food to find you.    We were fortunate to have a couple of locals explain the process to us in English– apparently we looked as if we needed the help.  My DH ordered a tofu dish and I ordered noodles – both were really good!    Who would have thought that we would be able to find good Chinese food in a small, German town — but we did!

Lunch at the Wok-In in Fussen, Germany.

It was 2pm and the day was still young so we did the one thing we haven’t done yet in Fussen, see the Fussen Heritage Museum.    This museum had exhibits about the history of Fussen — its castles, its textile industry, and a special exhibit about violin making.   Much to our surprise, all the exhibit descriptions were in German, there was no English translation available.   Thus, I can’t honestly say I learned a lot about Fussen here.   But I believe that at one time Fussen was “the place” to make a lute or a violin.   We saw a couple of videos on violin making that were fascinating!    We looked at all we could look at and following are some pictures of the interesting bits.

The Anna Chapel in the Fussen Heritage Museum, (Fussen, Germany)

Opposite the altar in the Anna Chapel, is Bavaria’s oldest preserved Dance of Death cycle by Jakob Hiebeler  — it is a big deal!    Unfortunately, there was no English translation of this piece so we never really figured out what all the fuss was about during our visit.   After some research on the web, I found that there are numerous “Dance of Death” cycles and songs out there.  Each depicts the various way one could die — in childhood, in war, in sickness, etc.  They serve as a reminder of our mortality and that every day we dance with death.

The Library. The Fussen Heritage Museum used to be a monastery  This is the room where the monks kept all their important books.

We spent about an hour and a half at the Fussen Heritage Museum — one hour viewing the exhibits and the other thirty minutes waiting for the rain to stop.   Yes, it was raining.   Big wet drops of rain.

View from the Library — waiting for the rain to stop.

When the rain let up, we left the Museum.    We made our way back to the hotel in a slow drizzle under the safety of our umbrellas.  Along the way, we stopped at a fruit stand and got some fruit and water in the event the rain continued into the evening – no way would we be going out for this long walk again in the rain!

The rain continued all evening.   We ate our fruit and watched BBC and CNN on the TV  (the Republican National Convention and the Hurricane Isaac were the top stories — amazing how life just seems go to on without us).   It was a long day and tomorrow we leave for Baden-Baden on the 9:05am train.  We will be traveling on the train for at least 6 hours with three transfers.  Heck, we’re used to stuff like this now!

Quote of the day:   “It will let up soon.” – DH to Anna as we wait in the museum.



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