Europe 2012: Day 83, Salzburg to Fussen


St Mang’s Basilica and former monastery viewed on our walk by the River Lech in Fussen, Germany.

Tuesday, 8/28/12

Woke at 7am.   It is cloudy and cool.

Today will be another long day on trains.    We head back to Munich and transfer to the train going to Fussen.   All together, we will be traveling for about 5 hours.  Today we will be traveling in second class since we are  saving our first class EuroRail pass for the really expensive trips.  This means we have no assigned seats — anyone up for a game of musical chairs?  Fortunately,  the train was not full so when we found seats, we stayed in our seats!    All connections were on time.  We even had time for a frankfurter at the Munich train station.

Even though traveling on European trains has become a big yawn with us there is always something to comment about.    The sun is out, the sky is blue, and the few puffy white clouds are no match for the mountains looming in the distance. We watch the country side go by and see cows, sheep, and farmers rolling their hay into neat rows for bailing.   All is serene except that the train from Munich to Fussen is the noisiest train we have even be on!   It bangs.  It squeaks.  It groans and moans!   It appears to be falling apart with every stop but it doesn’t!

Arriving in Fussen was like stepping into a postcard.   There are those mountains again, overlooking the train station with the red tile roofs!    My camera is buried deep inside my overstuffed backpack.  Bad planning on my part, I know!  Forgive me…

The walk to our hotel, Villa Toscana (yeah, we think it is a weird name for a hotel in Germany too), is a long one.  But is it is also a straight shot on a straight street so we find it easy enough in about 20 minutes.

Walking to our hotel.  There’s an Alp!

Still walking to our hotel.

Still walking to our hotel.

Villa Toscana (Fussen, Germany)

Finally our hotel, Villa Toscana. (Fussen, Germany)

Once we get settled into the hotel, we take the long walk back to the city center of Fussen to look around, get our bearing, and get something to eat.

Fussen is small but it is oh so pretty!   We do one of the Rick Steve’s waking tours and get lost immediately.   Once we stopped following Rick’s directions, we are able to enjoy the town in spite of numerous tourist/bicyclists who insist in riding their rented bikes on the sidewalk (even when it is clearly posted that they are not to do so).  Here are some pictures from our walk…


Walking down the main street in Fussen, Germany.


We came upon on a cemetery…


… of the St. Sebastian Church, which leads us to a path….


…with great views of the St Mang’s Basilica and former monastery (uh-oh, are those rain clouds?)…


…that allowed for a nice stroll by the River Lech …


…where we stopped to admire the architecture of Fussen — just before it rained and my camera battery died….


…when the rain let up and after I replaced my camera battery, we took the the first right on the first road we came to which led us past this unique church with the fancy paint job….


… and onto a street that happened to lead us to a major street…


…where we walked right past the St. Mang Basilica…


…and into the heart of Fussen’s Old Town!

At around 5:30pm, we stop for an early dinner.   It was beginning to cloud up but my DH assures me that it will not rain so we eat outside to enjoy the cool air.


Fussen has a number of pretty squares with lots of eating opportunities!

We shared a plate of roasted pork, potatoes, and a beer.  The food was really, really good but really, really unhealthy too – my DH said he could feel his cholesterol level climbing!  We skipped dessert.

The rain held off until we made it back to the hotel and than it let loose with big, heavy, cold drops.    My DH and I sat on the hotel balcony and watched the rain clouds come in over the mountains.   He was reading his iPod, I was working on Day 57 of my blog and sipping on a nice Merlot.   When it got too cool, we came in and went to our warm and dry room.   I was nice to crawl into bed.

We had a busy day exploring Fussen, a charming compact town of crazy people of bicycles.  Tomorrow we will be storming the castles!

Quote of the day:   “What’s with this train?  Someone check the brakes, will’ya!” — DH


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