Europe 2012: Day 81, Salzburg

A gloomy day in Salzburg, Austria.

Friday, 8/26/12

 Woke at 9am.   It is cloudy and rainy and I have a cold – again!   The changes in weather have nearly doomed me on this trip but I don’t care anymore — I still wanted to see the Salzburg Museum, cold or no cold.

On the way to lunch through Mozartplatz…

At 11am, we leave for an early lunch at a local restaurant, Alter Fuchs – a real cave in the ground just off Mozartplatz.    DH had the Turkey Schnitzel.   I had roasted bread dumpling with mushroom and eggs.   The food was excellent but it was the restaurant that was the real treat – cool and dark and lit with lights that looked like candles.   The stone arches were just low enough to make you feel like you were in a cocoon.   This place is popular with the locals — I believe we were the only ones there who did not speak German here.

After lunch, it was a short walk to the Salzburg Museum.    This museum was highly rated in TripAdvisor and is certainly a museum of a different kind.  From the website, ” The roots [of Salzburg] lie in the early nineteenth century. On the one hand, Romantic painters, writers and scientists publicize their over brimming enthusiasm for the region of Salzburg in words and pictures throughout the whole of Europe. On the other hand, the political situation is changing: the prince archbishops lose their power, Salzburg is annexed to Austria – now the citizens themselves can determine public life.”   The paintings, romantic in subject and color, are lovely and are my favorite items in this museum.   Of course, no pictures are allowed so go to the website to get an overview of what this museum has to offer.

The Salzburg Museum
(Salzburg, Austria)

Along with the museum ticket, we also get access to  and Salzburg Panaroma Museum.  Johann Michael Sattler painted this cyclorama of the city of Salzburg and its environs between 1826 and 1829. He chose a sunny autumn afternoon at 4 o’clock, as all tower clocks and sundials indicate.  What is so amazing about this work of art is its topographical exactness — the attention to detail in both architecture and people in everyday life is stunning!   As usual, no picture are allowed so go the the website  to see the cyclorama in full detail.   However, my DH snapped this picture of me in at the “Sound of Music” exhibit:

Anna as “Maria” at the Salzburg Panorama.

We headed back to the hotel around 4pm for a nap.  Why not, it was raining again anyway.

An interesting paint job.

We stopped in an Easter Egg store that offers easter eggs for all seasons!

More Mozart Balls.

After checking email, working on the blog, and watching a bit of the BBC, we decided it was time for dinner.   We were craving vegetables so we found a highly rated Thai restaurant on TripAdvisor called  Bangkok.  We left the hotel around 8pm, we found the restaurant around 9pm.   Our GPS failed us and left us wandering the dark streets and parking lots for nearly an hour in the drizzle. We eventually stumbled upon on the place by sheer luck and we are glad we did — the food was excellent!    I had fat noodles with fresh veggies, my DH ordered a spicy tofu dish which cleared up my sinuses really quick!  The restaurant was busy with locals eating Thai and drinking wine.  It was weird hearing the Thai owners speaking German.

We were back at the hotel by 11pm.   Tomorrow is an early day for us — we are going on another tour.

Quote of the day:  “Stupid GPS!” — Anna


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