Europe 2012: Day 75, Prague

My DH in the Jewish Cemetery. (Prague, Czech Republic)

Monday, August 20, 2012

Woke at 8:15am.   I barely slept.  My DH tells me the high today will be 94 degrees.  Oh no, not again! My headache is gone but I still feel drained.  I ask my DH to get me some celery-apple-ginger-lime juice and a bottle of cold water at the fruit place we found yesterday.  He does.  The fruit juice works wonders!   I think I may be able to sleep now. I decide to stay in the hotel today – in the air conditioning.   My DH goes out to see some of the museums in the Jewish Quarter.   I sleep.  I don’t work on the blog.   When I wake I am feeling better and surf the web to figure out what the heck is wrong with me.   Best I can determine is that I am suffering from a light case of heat exhaustion, a precursor of heat stroke— that would be really, really bad!  Fortunately for me, I do not have the rapid breathing and a fast, weak pulse so I figure my case is mild.   To be on the safe, I will suck on water like a baby sucks on a bottle for the next few days.  I never want to feel like this again!  Here are some pictures of my DH outing all my himself:

The old Jewish Market Place in Prague, Czech Republic.

The vendor stall in the old Jewish Market Place. Overhead is the Jewish Cemetery. (Prague, Czech Republic).

The oldest Jewish  synagogue in Prague, Czech Republic.

When my DH returned around 2pm, he says that the main square is nearly empty of tourists!    It is hot today, around 97.   But when you added the heat that is reflected off the stone streets and the stone buildings, it is a darn oven outside!!!

I felt the need for a change of scenery so when my DH said he was going to go to the Gastronomy Museum just around the corner, I decided to join him.   It was hot for our brief walk to the museum but the place is air conditioned (at least on the bottom floor) and the young women at the desk offered us ice water – nice!  The Gastronomy Museum is all about the kitchen and making beer and spirits.   It has models of prehistoric, medieval, turn-of-the-century, and modern kitchens.  There are also a number of exhibits about the making of beer, wine, and spirits.   Overall, the museum is very interesting and we spent an hour there thanks to the museum’s owner who showed us around.   We especially liked the modern kitchen!   Here are some pictures:

The Medieval Kitchen at the Gastronomy Musuem in Prague, Czech Republic.

A 1950’s kitchen in the Gastronomy Museum (Prague, Czech Republic).

A small, doll house scale turn-of-the-century kitchen at the Gastronomy Museum (Prague, Czech Republic). It’s so cute!

The Modern Kitchen in the Gastronomy Museum (Prague, Czech Republic). Culinary students use this kitchen for their final exams before graduation.

There is a total of four ovens in this kitchen — I would be happy with two!

Nice stove top!

Our favorite feature of the Modern Kitchen, a tower of electrical outlets that raises out from the counter at a touch of a button — sweet!

After the museum, we went back to the hotel to rest.   I fell asleep for three hours – finally! Around 8pm, my DH found a restaurant just around the corner from our hotel so I would not have to walk so far.   The restaurant Restaurace U Benedikta offered traditional Bohemian food  and was highly rated on TripAdvisor.  Our waiter was a big, burly man with a pleasant face and a deep voice.   Best I could tell, he did not speak English but he had the foresight to give us the English menu.  I pointed to the Pork Roasted in Rosemary and Fried Potatoes.   My DH pointed to the Steak Special – steak with potatoes.   We both requested ice water.  Both dishes were excellent and the atmosphere perfect for our last night in Prague!

My DH’s Steak Special — Hmmmm!

My dinner.  I must have been feeling better -- I ate all of it!

My dinner of Pork Roasted in Rosemary and Fried Potatoes. I must have been feeling better — I ate all of it!

Very homey interior!

The bar area. It was a slow night but we didn’t care — the food was excellent!

After dinner, we went back to our hotel to plan for our next trip to Rothenburg ob der Tauber, Germany.   We need to be at the train station early to make sure we catch our 8:33am bus.    I checked the web; tomorrow’s high in Rothenburg is supposed to be 86 degrees, and then it rains the next day.  Rain would be nice…

Quote of the day:   “What do you need two ovens for?” – DH when Anna went ape over the modern kitchen at the Gastronomy Museum.  If he cooked more, he would not need to ask.


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