Europe 2012: Day 69, Vienna

Fountain at the Vienna Opera House.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Woke at 8:30am.    I needed to get out of my DH’s hair for a while and allow him the luxury of a slow morning.   I am naturally a morning person, he a night person — I think you can see the challenge.    So I left him in bed with his iPod and Kindle, he will be fine!   Once I get my coffee, I will be fine too!

Got dressed and went to Café Mozart to work on my blog.   As you can see by the picture, I am in no pain as I sit with my little silver pot of strong Vienna coffee and flakey apple strudel at my new favorite place in the world at this moment!    Have I told you that I love Vienna!

Working on the blog! You can access the internet from almost anywhere in Vienna!

The weather?   It is beautifully cool in the shade and wonderfully warm in the sun – just as it should be!  Have I told you I love Vienna!

We don’t have much planned for today.  It has been nice just to hang around the city.  Since we pass the Vienna Opera house at least once a day, we might as well check it out.   Next will be a late and leisurely lunch.  Who knows what after that.

We are able to get tickets for the noon tour of the Vienna Opera House.  We and a bunch of other English-speaking tourists are led through the public rooms, stage, and auditorium of the opera house – it is a magnificent place!   The tour is short but informative.  Here are some pictures.

The Vienna Opera House.

The Vienna Opera House entry — waiting for our tour to begin!

Entry hall of the Vienna Opera House. I wish I could take full credit for the perfect exposure of this picture but I can’t. It just so happened that the person next to me flash went off at the exact same time as my camera’s shutter. It is cool when stuff like that happens, eh?

Intermission hall at the Vienna Opera House.

A stage-within-a-stage at the Vienna Opera House. Another stage rises up from center stage if needed.

Behind stage view of the Vienna Opera House.

Back of the Vienna Opera House — the expensive seats.

The box seats of the Vienna Opera House — the really expensive seats!

The cafe at the Vienna Opera House. Cheaper seats but no opera.

Around 2pm we decide to have lunch.   Yesterday my DH found a highly-rated restaurant on TripAdvisor,  Reinthalers Beisl.   We find it, we sit down at a table, and we pour over the menu.   Lucky for us, parts of it are in English.  If you have never looked at the written German language, you would see that many of the words are at least 14 letters in length and they love the letters g, f, s, and z — just thought you should know that.

Reinthalers Beisl in Vienna, Austria. We liked this place a lot!

The menu.

Classic Austrian lunches of various pork products — goulash and sausage!

A crepe filled with sweet cream cheese — yummy!

I order the classic sausage and sauerkraut, my DH orders that daily special – a pork goulash (heavy on the Hungarian paprika). Both dishes were rich and flavorful.   We even ordered a large beer to share!    My DH liked the place so much, he ordered dessert – a crepe filled with a sweet cream cheese.  It was huge!  We may be done eating for the day.  We went back to the hotel for a nap.

A three hour nap.   Around 7pm we are in the mood for music.  I took a look at the concert listing we got from the tourist office.  Most of these concerts happen daily and take place in some of the prettiest Austrian palaces you would ever see.    Looking at the list (in German), we see that most of them combine a dinner and concert.  However, my DH and I are not interested in dinner.  As we find musical options, we check them out on TripAdvisor.  The reviews are not good — something about cheap chairs and over-crowded with Japanese tourists flashing pictures all night.  I know that we are also tourists, but that just does not sound pleasant!   We were able to find a free piano concert at Mozart’s house near the St. Stephen’s church so we left to see if we could sneak in.

Finding Mozart’s house was not easy.   The map we have has tiny, tiny, tiny lettering and does not highlight pedestrian streets.  Needless to say, we arrived late and were not allowed entry.   This is the price you pay for not planning things in advance – you miss out on some stuff but then you can’t take a three hour nap in the middle of the afternoon after a wonderful lunch.  Here are some pictures of our evening wandering the streets of Vienna:

Where is Mozart’s house?
Not here.

Not here, either.

There it is! How did we miss it?

Since the night was really nice, we found a cozy table on the main square in the shadow of the St. Stephen Church.   I ordered a Sprizer Campari, my DH ordered a chocolate cupcake (heavy on the chocolate frosting and creamy filling).   He wrote in his journal, I read an ebook.  Together we watched the world go by on a warm evening with the lights of the square giving off through festive glow in a rainbow of colors.

Evening in the shadow of St. Stephen’s Church (Vienna, Austria)

Late evening in Vienna, Austria.

It was nice!   It was Vienna!!!

Quote of the day:  “This is what happens when you fail to plan!” — DH


2 thoughts on “Europe 2012: Day 69, Vienna

  1. I could select “LIKE” on every single one of your blogs … ,but instead, know that I do not only “LIKE” every blog… I LOVE every blog and have taken notes, just in case, if someone I know OR, maybe even myself, ever takes a trip to Europe… I have this information to share. If I never go, I am imagining it through your wonderful writing! THANK YOU! I am caught up on what you have posted so far… The palace and opera house had to be impressive walking through! … And the food looks delicious!

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