Europe 2012: Day 65, Venice

Boats on the Grand Canal (Venice, Italy)

Friday, August 10, 2012 – Venice

Woke at 7:30am.  It is sunny and hot — again!

The sisters deliver our breakfast to our room at 8:15am just as they said they would.   It is simple — coffee, orange juice, and pastries.

Our daily breakfast! The sister’s were nice to make my DH hot chocolate!

I would rather not go out into the heat, but we are in Venice after all.   It seems to be unreasonable to stay in the room!   We look at the map, consult TripAdvisor, devise a plan, and we leave the room around 10am.   Boy, its hot….

Our first stop, Campo Dei Frasi — a church that houses Titian’s Assumption of the Virgin (click on the link to see a better picture than I could ever take on this grand work of art).

Campo dei Frasi Church (Venice, Italy)

Our next stop, Campo S. Rocco for the best collection of Venetian art in Venice.   It is right around the corner from Campo dei Frasi.   Sorry, the art work is so magnificent that none of my picture could do them justice!   Click on the link to see some of the paintings, specifically the Miracle of the Bronze Serpent from the Tintoretto.

Around 2pm, we are ready for lunch.   Our requirements are simple, somewhere with pizza and a cool shade.   We find such a place in a small square named Campo N. Sauro.   My DH orders a thin crust pizza with ham and mushrooms.   I order Melon with Ham.  We share a cold bottle of water.   We can feel the heat off the pavement but the umbrella over our table is large and surprisingly pleasant!   The food is good, the water is refreshing.   We stay here for a while.

Lunch stop.

Around 4pm we head back to our air-conditioned hotel room to wait out the heat.   I post three blogs.  My DH checks emails and takes a nap.

By 7pm, we are rested.  We brace ourselves and go out again only to find that it is cooler with a nice warm breeze.   We buy a couple of 24 hour vaporretto tickets and decide to give St. Mark’s Square one more chance.    When we arrive 20 minutes later, we find the square virtually empty!   We walked around and I could not help but to take great pictures — the clouds and the sun set were wonderful.   Here they are:

Evening vaporretto trip down the Grand Canal (Venice, Italy).

View from St. Mark’s Square (Venice, Italy).

St. Mark’s Square on a cool evening (Venice, Italy).

Just look at that sky!

Did I mention that there are a lot of pigeons at St. Mark’s Square? There are.

More sky!

There are also statues in St. Mark’s Square (Venice, Italy).

We also saw a HUGE cruise ship float by in the canal!   We figure that this floating city was the problem we had yesterday — during the day it dumps  thousands of tourists into St. Mark Square for the afternoon and then sucks them all back in for 8pm dinner.  It is evil, I tell you…

Oh, look! A floating city!

Around 9pm, we decide to have dinner at a seafood restaurant right off the Grand Canal — Ristorante Wildner Pensione on the Riva Degli Shiavoni.   We ate here back in 2007 and the seafood was still good!   We each ordered a nice, light white fish with vegetables.

Our view during dinner (Venice, Italy).

A view comes at a price — $7.80 for a bottle of water.

After dinner, we went back to square to listen to music.   Various quartets of string and wind instruments duke it out on the square to see who gets the most listeners.   In this case, the tourist always wins for the music is wonderful!   You can stand and listen for free.   As one band stops, another starts and the crowd moves accordingly.  St. Mark’s Square has redeemed itself with this wonderful music on this wonderfully warm night.  It was a great last night in Venice with my wonderful DH.

Quote of the day:   “That thing is obscenely large!”  — Anna commenting on the size of the cruise ship to DH.


3 thoughts on “Europe 2012: Day 65, Venice

  1. I love reading your blog entries! I’m feeling slightly upset that you’re back home haha. But the photos on this post are especially gorgeous! 🙂

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