Europe 2012: Final Update

“Girl in the Red Jacket”
Day 104 — Anna at the Vermeer Center in Delft, Holand

Wow — 105 days went by fast!   Once again I am sorry that I did not keep up with my blog postings but I have been seeing the world and that takes time.

The good news, I will complete this blog when I return home!

The better news — we leave for home tomorrow!  We arrive at 9:42 PM on 9/20 at  San Jose International Airport.

Here are some more pictures of our travels to date.  Enjoy!


FUSSEN, GERMANY — A lovely postcard of a town in the Black Forest region of Germany. Many houses are painted in strange and wonderful colors!

EAGLE’S NEST near Fussen, Germany — Hitler’s little hunting cottage was a gift to him from the Nazi Party for his 50th birthday. Hitler made only 14 visits here but never stayed the night (he had a fear of heights) — he stayed in his much cozier home at the base of the mountain.

BADEN-BADEN, GERMANY — A pretty and quiet town where everyone goes to use the spas.

COCHEM, GERMANY — Just what one would expect of a small Germany town, lots of timber beam buildings and restaurants serving various pork products. It was lovely!

THE RHINE RIVER — A view from the castle ruins of St. Goar, Germany. We took a wonderful cruise on this river.

FRIEDBERG, GERMANY — Classic German style in architecture, food, and culture. It is also the sister city to Madison, Wisconsin.

BRUGES, BELGIUM — The Town Hall in the Main Square. This is the view from our dinner table on our first night in Bruges.

FLANDERS FIELDS, TYNE COT CEMETERY — We took a tour of the WWI battle fields just outside of Bruges. This is just one of the many cemeteries and memorials of that war. Since WWI soldiers did not have ID tags, many cemeteries are set in the actual battlefields where these soldiers died. Flanders Fields is the region often referred to as the “Western Front”.

YPERS SALIENT, BELGIUM — This city was part of the WWI Battlefields tour we took while in Bruges. This city was 98% destroyed but was rebuilt to look like it was before the war. The buildings you see here are less than 90 years old.

AMSTERDAM, HOLLAND — Our current location and our last city on our trip.

DELFT, HOLLAND — A side trip to escape the frenzy of Amsterdam.


2 thoughts on “Europe 2012: Final Update

  1. Thank you for sharing your trip.. I look forward to your blog entries after your return that will fill in the days after Aug 6th. Have a safe trip home.

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