Europe 2012: Day 56, Rome

Interior of San Luigi Del Francesi Church, Rome, Italy.

Wednesday, 8/01/2012

I wake up at 3:33am.   I can’t breathe!   I am hot!   I kick off the covers and in the process; unplug my DH’s notebook from the power outlet.   He tells me that there is a problem with the power in the hotel and the air conditioner is off.   I really don’t comprehend this since my head is congested, my nose is stuffed, and my ears are plugged too. Apparently I have developed a cold.

My DH goes to the front desk at the hotel to see about what can be done about the air conditioning.  The guy at the desk tells him that they are having a power problem with the hotel and had turned off the air conditioning, but they turned it back on for our room.    When my DH returns to the room, I am in the bathroom blowing more mucus than I could ever imagine out of my nose – I empty the box of  tissues and I start using the toilet paper.  As the room cools down, I am feeling a little better but still can’t breathe through my  nose and my eyes hurt.

The room is cooler and I try to fall back to sleep, but I can’t. I read another ebook on the Kindle and the last time I look at the clock, it is around 5am.

At 8am, my DH is up and ready to go to breakfast.  I join him because coffee may just be what I need.   When I get back to the room, I take a shower and go back to bed.  I tell my DH to enjoy Rome without me today.   When I wake up, I decide to work on the blog.  My DH is watching BBC and/or CNN and going through this financial feeds – apparently he has decided catch up on some stuff himself.

My view of Rome for the day.

My stuff for cold and mosquito bites.

Around 1pm, my DH decides I need food and I decide that I need to move around a bit.  We go across the street for a fruit smoothie.  It was good!   We buy another liter bottle of cold water and head back to the room.

Around 3pm, my DH went out on his own to see a few churches.   I slept some more.  Here are some of the pictures he took.  They are quite amazing and illustrate what a great picture you can take with a cheap camera when the sun is just right!

Altar at Chiesa Del Gegu Church (Rome, Italy)

Ceiling of Chiesa Del Gesu Church (Rome, Italy)

Chiesa Del Gesu Church (Rome, Italy)

Chiesa Del Gesu Church (Rome, Italy)

Chiesa Del Gesu Church (Rome, Italy)

Chiesa Del Gesu Chruch (Rome, Italy)

When he returns, my DH has bought me some Italian cookies from my favorite Italian bakery – what a sweet guy!  I blow fishy-kisses at him.

At around 9pm, I am hungry.   We go back to Osteria La Quercia because the food is good and it is a quick walk from the hotel.  We order Pasta with Porcini Mushrooms and the Roast Chicken.   I skip the wine because I plan to be on drugs this evening.  The food was delicious!  The water ice cold – just how I like it.  The walk to and from the restaurant is really pleasant – it cools off nicely in Rome in the evening.

We return to the hotel around 11pm.  I take two green gel tables my DH has brought with him.   He is not sure, but he thinks they are NyQuil.  I take them and I fall to sleep.

Quote of the day:   “Thank you, Sweetie!” — Anna to DH who brought her cold, cold, cold water and Italian cookies when she was in bed with a cold — in Rome!


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