Europe 2012: Update

Saturday, 8/25/2012

It is Day 80 of our whirlwind trip through Europe — can you believe it?   I guess not since I am 25 days behind in my postings.  So here is a quick update on what has been happening with us.

My DH and I have purchased our airline tickets for our return trip to California!   We will be leaving out of Amsterdam on September 20 and we will be flying into the San Jose airport on September 20 (we gain a day in transit).   It will be a long flight with two layovers — the first will be somewhere in Iceland, the second in Seattle, Washington.  But then, you would have known all of that if I had posted Day 71.

I thought you all might appreciate at least one picture from each of the locations where we have been while you have been waiting for my postings.   Here they are.  Enjoy them as much as we have!

Later — Anna

FLORENCE, ITALY — Florence is wonderful regardless of the weather (which was hot,of course). We went to a couple of museums and a couple of tours outside the city. This city also provided us another opportunity to do our laundry — nice!

PIENZA, ITALY — This was one of our side trips from Florence. It was unbelievably pretty here!

VENICE, ITALY — This is St. Marks Square on our last (and coolest) evening there. It is a place everyone should see at least once in their lifetime — but not in August.

VIENNA, AUSTRIA — Everything about this city is perfect, including the weather! I had a hard time choosing just one picture of this city. This is a view of the Upper Belvedere Palace from its garden — it is classic Vienna!

PRAGUE, CZECH REPUBLIC — This is a view of the city from the Prague Castle. Can you feel the heat rising? I did! This day was over 100 degrees and I developed a case of heat exhaustion that kept me in our air conditioned hotel room for a day. Still, this is a wonderful city — just not in August.

ROTHENBURG, GERMANY — This town is right out of a storybook — a Christmas storybook! However, this would still be an awesome place without the huge Christmas store!  It was hot here but not as hot as Prague or any city in Italy.  It actually rained here one night which was good, our hotel did not have air conditioning.

SALZBURG, AUSTRIA — Here is where we are now, in the land of Mozart and the “Sound of Music.” This is a view of the city from the top of Fortress Hohensalzburg. It has been raining but hey, I am not complaining!


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