Europe 2012: Day 50, Nice

Sitting with my DH on a warm evening looking out over the Mediterranean Sea (Nice, France).

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Wake at 10am.   Sunny and warm.

I know that I am beginning to sound like a broken record but, I have not been doing well in this hot weather.  I’m like one of those sunflowers in the fields we’ve seen.  I raise my face to the sun just enough to be sustained and than I slump over like a ragged weed waiting to be harvested.  This morning I wake up tired yet I can’t sleep anymore.  My DH and I spend all morning in the hotel room, sharing electronic devices.   I work on my blog, he works on finances and travel plans.  It was a good idea even though Nice is beckoning…

Around noon, we finally emerged from our room.   We caught the #22 bus and went to the Chagall Museum.  What a wonderful place!    It is a small museum, only one artist but what an artist!   Each of the major works has an audio commentary that talks about the inspiration of each piece, the design techniques used, and the artist’s choice of color.   Both my DH and I agree – this was the best art appreciation class we have ever experienced!   In addition, there is a plush theater with blue velvet chairs that shows a one-hour film on the life of Chagell and included an interview with the artist himself.    It is a fantastic museum.  If you are ever in Nice, go here.   Of course, I did not take pictures but you can go to the website to view some of his work.

We returned to the restaurant district for lunch.  For the last couple of days, we have been passing a brasserie with the best looking pizzas.  We decide that today is the day for pizza!  We ordered a cheese, ham, and mushroom pizza to share with a mixed salad on the side.   Both were perfect for such a hot day.   We spent the next hour just watching the people go by.   I had a brief discussion with an Australian lady having a beer.   She told me that she had been out shopping and that the sales people are quite aggressive here — they want serious buyers, not looky-loos.   This lady was a tall and health Aussie and I asked her in all seriousness, “Were you able to find any clothes larger than a size 4?”   She said, “No.”

“Will you take the picture already!”

We went back to the hotel for a rest.  Well, I rested and my DH caught up on emails.  The internet is pretty good at this hotel – once you are able to sign on, that is.

Around 8pm, we go out for a walk on the promenade.   It is much cooler and the beach is fairly empty.   I have determined that this is the best way to see the sea – in the cool of the evening with as few people as possible wandering about.  We skipped dinner because we had a big lunch (there is only so much food we can handle in a day).  Here are some pictures of Nice at night:

The cheaper apartments just of the beach in Nice, France.  Unimpressive.

The expensive apartments just off the beach in Nice, France.  Impressive!

Evening view of an empty public beach in Nice, France.

Evening view of an empty private beach in Nice, France. The closed beach umbrellas remind me of a row of blue Morning Glories waiting for the sun to come out again.

One of the expensive hotels off the beach in Nice, France. We are not staying here.

The Republic Square in the evening in Nice, France. The little men sitting on the poles turn different colors throughout the evenings — its lovely!

The evening streets in Nice, France.

Yeah, I was a bit of a “poop” today, as my DH puts it.  But we each have had our days of low and high energy; it is to be expected.    I am not sure what we were thinking when we were planning this trip.   108 days is a long time to be packing and unpacking, on and off trains, up and down country roads that are barely wide enough for a single car much less two, and dealing with the tourism industry in a language that is not our own.  Going full tilt for two weeks and home again to recover is one thing — 100+ days is a whole new travel experience.  We are both a bit travel-worn by now but we are going forward anyway.

Quote of the day:  “I’m impressed!  You are usually in your jammies by 9pm!”  DH to Anna during our evening stroll.


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