Europe 2012: Day 21, Paris

The Paris Opera House — The crowds, the traffic – it is bedlam here!!

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Woke up at 8:30AM.   I am still a lazy bum.  The sun is shining and is seems… warm?

DH and I had a frank discussion this morning.   We decided that instead of buying a two-day museum pass to see museums that we both have already seen more than once, maybe we should try wandering around a bit.  You know, just leaving the apartment and seeing where the day takes us?

I know, I know, I know – are we nuts?  Are we crazy to miss the Louvre and the D’Orsay even if we have both been there at least 3 times in our lives?  What if there is a new painting or something????   We decided to take the risk.  We decided that the Opera metro stop was a good place to start.

Oh my God!  The crowds, the traffic – it is bedlam here!!  I wonder what the crowds at the museums must be are like!  No matter, we have a map and maybe the GPS will work today.  Here is what we found as we wandered around some of the more popular areas of Paris:

What’s this? An old Polish church tucked in between all the modern buildings — what a surprise! (Paris, France)

A modest Polish church, the first round chruch we have seen (Paris, France)

Rue de Rivoli — famous for its expensive jewelry stores as well as cheap tourist traps (Paris France)

Learn more about Rue de Rivoli.

Angelina — the famous chocolate shop on Rue de Rivoli. Resistance is futile. (Paris, France)

Learn more about Angelina.  As I said, Resistance is futile.

The classy interior of Angelina’s — something to look at while your hot chocolate is being made (Rue de Rivoli, Paris, France)

What more could a girl want than a hot chocolate and a berry tart?  Aside from a sweet husband resisting his hot chocolate just long enough to take her picture, that is. (Paris, France)

Finished! The bill came to around $20 US dollars. (Angelina, Paris, France)

Just so you know,  when my DH and I go on vacation, we usually share our dishes.   On this trip to Angelina’s, we shared one Hot Chocolate and one Raspberry Tart.   It is our way of cutting calories and saving money.  The Hot Chocolate here is so intense, so thick, and so rich, I could not image finishing one off in one sitting all by myself without going into a coma.  Just warning, ya!

We contine to wander  westward….

Carnival in Jardin des Tuileries. That big building is one of the wings of The Louvre Museum (Paris, France)

Learn more about the Jardin des Tuileries.

Learn more about the Louvre Musuem.

I give the camera to my DH and what does he take pictures of? Rats! (Paris, France)

We’re hungry! We share a ham, egg, and cheese crepe from a street stand. Paris fast food is pretty darn good! (Paris, France)

Another market off the Rue de Rivoli (Paris, France)

It’s warm in the sun — Iced Coffee was a great idea at the Little Cafe (Paris, France)

Back among his people, my DH in the Marais (Jewish District) of Paris, France.

We like to visit the Marais district of Paris.  According to the guide books, this is the closest you will get to the feel of medieval Paris.  It has more pre-revolutionary buildings and streets left intact than any other area in Paris.  It is the home of the famous, Bastille.

Place Des Vosges — the place to rest your weary feet in the Marais district (Paris, France)

The Place des Vosges is considered by many to be the most beautifully built square in Paris. Napoleon called it the “jewel of Paris”.  Today there were families having picnics and some unruly boys were hitting a bird with a soccer ball (the bird got away).  Victor Hugo lived here while he wrote Les Miserables.   This was our last stop of the day.

Our day of aimless wandering turned out to be pretty enjoyable!   It helps that the weather was nice, too!  Back at the apartment, I warmed up some chicken and we worked on finances — this trip needs to be paid for, you know.   We also attempted laundry in a washer/dryer combo.  The control panel is in French.  Thanks to the internet, we were able to find a users manual.   

How did we ever travel without the internet?


6 thoughts on “Europe 2012: Day 21, Paris

  1. What a wonderful day! I have two questions:
    1) Is that the new orange scarf you bought in London
    which you’re wearing in the shot at Angelina’s?
    2) Just WHAT is with those rats?


      • Though I figured the rats were dead, my imagination took me somewhere completely different than a rat trap store (a RAT TRAP STORE???? ROFLOL). Somehow I thought they were like the ducks hanging in the Chinese grocery store windows, you know….Peking Duck…. :o)

  2. Dear Anna, it’s such a pleasure to read your words! I feel as if you are taking me alone with your journey…Thanks!
    Barb just passed the link to me and it seems that I have a lot catch-ups to do.
    My summer is as crazy as promised. So far I’m doing pretty good keeping up with the 50-50 project and turning in homework on time, but I am pretty much hitting the upper limit of my time management potential…
    Look forward to reading the next one!

  3. Hi Anna,
    I haven’t looked at your blog since I returned from our trip a week ago… so much to catch up on. I too thought… RATS!!! Ok, so they are dead…EWWUUU!! They aren’t rubber? Never seen that before. Again, Loving the blog and I’m going to look at a map to see where you have all been. I like to make lines on a map and trace the path I have taken. I l’m looking forward to see yours. Keep posting, I’m thoroughly enjoying it, the writing and the pictures.

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