Europe 2012: Day 18, Paris

A French feast plucked from a French Market (Paris, France)

Sunday, 6/24/12

Woke up at 8AM.   It looks cloudy.

There is no food in the apartment so my DH and I decided to go out and get some.

What we thought would be a 30 minute trip down the street, ended up to be a 3 hour excursion.   Apparently there is a French law that states employers can not make retail employees work on Sunday — we didn’t know that.  Since we were out and about with nowhere to go, my DH and I ducked into a café called Dome.  Since you can’t just sit at a table, we ordered DH a Hot Chocolate, myself a café (an espresso), and two croissants.   It was lovely!   The Hot Chocolate was thick with a side of warm milk to loosen it up a bit.  The croissants were buttery and flaky.   The expresso was dark and naturally sweet – just the way it should be.   But the best part, they had free WiFi!

After about an hour and an half of people watching and web-surfing, we decided that we should at least look for an open bakery and get some bread.  Besides, in Paris the rain just makes the city more mysterious!  We paid the check (wow – pretty darn expensive, about $15)  we got up, turned the corner and found a full-blown market!   You know, it is the type of market Paris is known for – and the French apparently don’t mind the rain as much as I do.

Here is what we bought:

  • Roasted Chicken with potatoes
  • Bread (one French baguette)
  • Fruit (Apricots and Golden Apples)
  • A small ball of French goat cheese (to go with the bread)
  • A bottle of French red wine  (2009 Les Sens du Fruit, Bergerac).

When we arrived back at the apartment, we had a feast on our hands!   I don’t know, is it the food that seems to be so much more flavorful here or just the fact that we are in Paris?   All I can tell you is that this food was satisfying – and we had lots of leftovers!


After lunch, the weather was still iffy.  I worked on my blog (the WiFi is the apartment is very strong and fast) and my DH surfed the web for things to do.   He found a tour company that does walking tours through Paris.   Today was a the tour called Paris of the Impressionists.  This 2 hours walk focused on the Parc Monceau, the fine townhouses, and grand 19th century boulevards of the area.   This park was just down the street from us so we decided to go.

Parc Monceau Front Gate (Paris, France)

Reflection Pond in Parc Monceau — a place for personal reflection (Paris, France)

 At the start of the tour, it was just a drizzle of rain – I can handle a drizzle.  Two hours later, it was pouring rain – I can’t handle that.   However, the tour guide was so interesting I could not drag myself or my DH away.   The tour took us where the impressionist painters lived and worked – Manet, Monet, and Renoir.  It took us by the homes of Caillebotte family who were the only wealthy family with the foresight to buy these impressionistic paintings when the proper art society rejected their work.   Due to the Caillebotte family donations, many of these works where able to stay in France.  Other painting found their way to wealthy families in Britain and the Americas (which is why some of these artists have works in London, Chicago, and New York museums).

I have decided — my photos are not blurry, they are impressionistic!

By the time we arrived home, I had enough of rain.   We decided to stay in and feast on our wonderful leftovers.   Unfortunately, the oven would not work – I was not happy.   My DH made a call to the landlord at 9PM.   She was able to talk us through the working of the stove and oven (everything is on a timer, much like the child safety locks on American cars), the heating system (and here we were worried about air-conditioning), and an inventory of all the lights that did not work.  In any case, we had another wonderful meal of roasted chicken, potatoes, bread, cheese, and wine.

After a shower, I felt almost human again.


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