Europe 2012: Day 11, Bath

Anna at the Roman Baths.

Sunday, 6/17/12 – Day 11

We woke at 8AM.  The sun was shining — then.

We had yet another fabulous breakfast at the hotel.   Here are some pictures of the breakfast room.  Teal walls, who would have thought it would be such an elegant color!

Breakfast Room at The Kennard (Bath, England)

Look up! Breakfast Room at The Kennard (Bath, England)

My DH is still fighting a cold.   However, he did not want to miss seeing the Roman Baths!   So he took some cold medicine and off we went!

This is not our first time to the Roman Baths.  I first came here in 1993 with my younger brother David.   My DH was here sometime prior to that.   We both agree – the Roman Bath attraction has changed for the better!

Roman Baths and Bath Abbey (Bath, England)

It is a bit unsettling to know that thousands of years ago, a civilization that was able to produce such technologically advanced bath houses also practiced animal sacrifice and threw curses written on lead scrapes into the baths for revenge.     It is also disturbing to know that hundreds of years ago, the British built ugly structures over the Roman Baths like they were nothing more than a wet basement!   Tsk, tsk, tsk!  The audio tour and the new scale models made for a wonderful educational tour of what it meant to be Roman thousands of years ago.

After the baths, my DH headed back to the hotel to rest.   I decided to stay and look around a bit more.   Being a Sunday, most shops were closed.   Being England, eventually it began to rain and I headed back to the hotel.

Dinner tonight was another recommendation by our host, Giovanni – Sotto Sotto.  OMG – wonderful!  It wasn’t just the food (handmade pastas) but the service (lots of young and charming Italian men) and that atmosphere (like the cave of a wine celler) – incredible!  Clearly the best meal of the trip!  I ordered the Fettuccini with Artichokes, my DH ordered Fettuccini with Marinara and Vegetables.    At the end of the meal, Limoncello was served – this is a classic Italian digestive.   My DH does not drink so I had his too – I was a bit buzzed.   As we left we spoke to a couple of the waiters to let them know how much we enjoyed the meal.   These Italians are very charming!  Antonio told us, “It is not that we are happy to see you, it is that we drink Limoncello during our breaks – we are drunk!”    What a joker!!!!

When we left, the rain had stopped.   We walked along the river at twilight and listened to the ducks.   It was a very good day!


One thought on “Europe 2012: Day 11, Bath

  1. I remember seeing a long building with connected houses and halls… in the movie ‘Persuasion’ when the cast vacationed in Bath. Quite impressive. I just ate lunch, but Anna’s description of your Italian meal got me thinking about food again. Hope Mark feels well soon – troop on! Neal

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