Europe 2012: Day 10, Bath

Bath Abbey durning a sunny moment.

Saturday, 6/16/12 – Day 10

Woke up at 8AM.  It is sunny!

The Kennard Hotel is a really nice hotel – I hope you looked at their website.  The bed is comfortable and more importantly, the room is blessedly quiet!

Breakfast is served in the breakfast room each morning.  There is an assortment of breakfast fare – cereal, fruit, pastries, juice, etc.   But the best is the home-cooked breakfasts!  Today we had what is known as the “Proper England Breakfast” – eggs, bacon, sausage, mushrooms, tomatoes, and toast!  It is a lot of food in the morning and all of it yummy!   I especially appreciated the orange marmalade (tart, bitter, and sweet all at the same time) on wheat toast and the Yorkshire Tea – it was like Christmas morning!

A proper English tea service,

A proper English breakfast.

The breakfast room is a treat of itself!   Situated below street-level, and richly decorated with teal walls and wicker furniture.  The ceiling is equally grand with white molding and chandeliers.   The china is almost royal!  I told my DH that “I want a room like this!”

We started our first  full day in Bath with the “Mayor of Bath Tour”.  We, and a dozen other tourists, met our guide at 10:30AM in front of the Roman Baths, down the street from the Bath Abbey.   This was an excellent tour full of history and interesting facts of this town where Roman soldiers soaked their battle weary bodies in the hot springs.   Later, the wealthy and royalty came here to bath and drink the warm waters to cure any number of aliments (most of which came from being overweight – must be that proper English breakfast each day, we will let you know).  This walking tour took about 2 hours.  At the end, the clouds were coming in.

Coffee and a sweet at Costa.

After a coffee and a sweet at Costa, my DH headed back to the hotel.  He had stuff to do (email and finances) but he was also fighting a bit of  a cold — ah, the burden of crumby weather.   As for me, I took an afternoon for myself and window shopped through many of the quant shops in the city center.  But I could not resist taking this picture — my DH has a great sense of humor!

My DH’s favorite street in Bath!

The shopping here is wonderful!  Considering that we only brought two small suitcases, with each considered purchase I have to ask myself, “do I want to be lugging this around for the next three months?”  So far, the answer has been “no”.   However, I could not pass up these cute wooden buttons I found in a store called “The Makery” – a small sewing shop near the abbey.

Pretty wooden buttons!

I also went to see The Fashion Museum, something that would have bored my DH to tears.  This museum is about the fashion and fashion designers of Britain and Europe.  They had a special exhibit regarding sportswear in honor of the Olympics being held in London later this year.   As I walked through the hall and looked at the dresses (all runway samples) I was shocked at how thin runway models must be – nothing more than a living clothes hangers, they are!   In any case, there are some truly magnificent dresses here.

I made it back to hotel before it started to rain.   My DH had made himself comfy in our hotel room – his books and electronics were spread all over the bed.   I worked on my blog and actually did some watercolor painting as the rain poured outside.

Earlier in the day, my DH made reservations at the Thai Balcony Restaurant for dinner.  By our reservation time of 8:30PM, the rain had let up.  The interior of this restaurant was gold and red with sequined dragons.  They lost our reservation but eventually found it.   They seated us between two groups of loud young women having bachelorette parties.   As a matter of fact, looking around the crowded restaurant we noticed that most of the patrons tonight were young women.   We ordered Tofu with Vegetables and Shrimp with Noodles.   It was the most mediocre food we have had so far.

The rain held off until we made it back to the hotel about 11PM.  Overall, this was a nice day.   We saw some beautiful architecture.  I saw some beautiful clothes.  Both of us fully relaxed with some comforting activities.   It was a good day even with the rain.


2 thoughts on “Europe 2012: Day 10, Bath

  1. Hi Mark & Anna…

    We have been enjoying the blogs and we have told several people about them. I would not have liked the Fashion Tour, but I did think the buttons were neat. I can see Anna incorporating them into an English Quilt when she’s going to make when she gets back. Keep those wonderful blogs and beautiful pictures coming, and I hope to be owning the “Travels With Anna” book someday! (Amazon has a way to publish your own ebook!)


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