Europe 2012: Day 8, London

Imperial War Musuem, London

Thursday, 6/13/12 (Day 8)

Woke up at 7AM.  It is sunny again!

Today we took the “Wartime London”  tour.  We visited some of the sites of the worst bombings during WWII.  It was very informative but a bit sad — London is known for it’s tragedies too.  This tour also included a visit to the Imperial War Museum.

Lunch was on the run – another crusty sandwich from the Upper Crust.

We found the Hunterian Museum through  It was listed as one of the top 20 things to do in London.  Attached to the Royal College of Surgery, it is creepy!   There are thousands of jars of preserved human, animal, and insect bits and pieces.  Very scientific, yet gruesome!

St. Pauls Cathedral, London

We went to St. Paul’s Cathedral because we passed it on the tour.   This church was saved from the bombing of London during WWII by volunteer fire brigades.  The cathedral is so huge and so tightly packed into central London, that I could not get it all in the frame of my camera.  No photos were allowed in the cathedral – they want you to buy the book.   If you are ever in London, see it.   It is like a beautiful canyon of gold leaf and frescoes.

We had dinner at Tandoorie Nights Indian Cuisine near Covent Garden.  London has some of the best Indian food in the world and this restaurant was not an exception.   The Chicken Marsala, spicy yellow vegetables, and Naan were yummy on a rainy afternoon.  Yep, it started to rain again.

My big splurge during our trip in London was tickets to see “War Horse” .   I loved the movie, I adored the play!   The New London Theater is small and intimate unlike Her Majesty’s Theater that was big and flamboyant.  In “War House”, the stars of the play are large horse puppets managed by three puppeteers each.  The story is simple – boy raises horse, horse gets drafted into WWI, boy joins army to find horse, boy finds horse.   Along the way, both experience the horrors of war.

It was still raining by the time the show ended.   We made our way back to the hotel to pack for our trip to Bath.

BTW, my DH thinks the following clip is fitting for us considering my finding regarding my family crest on the crypt of Queen Elizabeth I.   My DH — always thinking.   Click here.


2 thoughts on “Europe 2012: Day 8, London

  1. Hooray for sunshine! WHAT???? No photos of the gruesome Hunterian? Alas…I’ll try and google it! Cathedrals, theatre, history and indian dinner…what a wonderful day! As for Lady Doucebag, well…what can I say?


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