Europe 2012: Day 3, London

Big Ben

Saturday, 6/9/12

My DH and I took advantage a day of sunshine on London.  We wandered around Big Ben, St. James Park, Buckingham Palace, and Old Bond Street where “The Royals” shop (and where there is nothing I can afford to buy).   We had yummy asian noodles for dinner at Waganana  and turkish chocolate cake for dessert at Kanve Dunyasi!  Hung out at Piccadilly Circus to see the city at night and watch all the youngsters drink and tap on their smart phones.  We took “The Tube” back to the hotel to rest up for whatever we are doing tomorrow.   Don’t ask, I don’t know.

The day started out slow.   I awoke at 8:45AM.   The hotel room was quiet and dark and my DH was still sleeping.  I peeked out the window and saw a clear, sunny sky.  I was advised not to trust London weather by a store clerk.

I did some stretching and took a shower.    Tried the hotel internet it but it was so slow so I gave up on emails.

My DH woke around 10AM but still felt the effects of jet-lag.   He went back to bed and I went out to Sainbsbury’s  for water and juice.  I figured we both could benefit from some hydration.

With my DH resting, I went out again to look around a bit — and to get a hat.  Although the weather looked harmless from the hotel window, I was still very windy.  I needed a hat to keep the wind out of my ears.  I look awful in hats so I was not happy!

I wandered through the stores at Victoria Station, there are lots of them.  I went to the Traveler Information booth to get information on tours —  Leeds Castle, Harry Potter, whatever looked interesting enough to fill a gloomly London day.   I also inquired regarding seeing the show “War Horse” – London has great theater, you know!

After getting a few pounds at the ATM, I went to a café in Victoria station and ordered a Soy Cafe Latte.  I sat down at a table to review the tour guides I was given by the Traveller information guy.  After 20 minutes, I inquired as to my drink and was told they forgot.   I got my coffee a few minutes later.  Later in the day, I found that Starbucks is slow too — what is it about coffee here?

As I sipped my coffee, I was thinking that so far everything has been inconvenient, everything requires more time, the places are too small, and that there are just too many people around because apparently I am in everyone way around here!   As much as we both needed a change of scenery, I am thinking, “What have we done?  Are we really up for 108 days in strange lands – even if it is just Europe?”   I suspect that things will eventually get better.

And they did.

My DH recoved from his jet-lag around 2PM.  Once we left the hotel, the wind died down and the sun came out!  We opted against a day in a stuffy museum and had a lovely day soaking up the vibe that is London!  I love it when that happens!


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