Europe 2012: A Dream comes true!

It has been a dream — t0 travel Europe un-incumbered by a schedule and a job.  To have the freedom to go anywhere for any length of time.

Well,  my DH (Dear Husband) and I quit our Silicon Valley jobs and are doing it!   108 days in 9 countries — England, France, Italy, Austria, Czech Republic, Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands, and Sweden.  We have been planning this for months!

We have a one-way airplane ticket, a EuroPass, hotel reservations in 25 cities,  and a Kindle Fire loaded with travel books and equipped with a Wi-Fi connection.  The biggest challenge I have now is fitting three months of clothing into a small suitcase on wheels.   It will be tricky.

This will be the longest I have ever been away from any place I have called home.  My DH has done this before so I place myself in his loving and competent hands.   We are nervous and excited!  We leave June 7th for London, our first of 28 cities.

So what will we be doing for 108 days?   My DH plans to relax in parks and cafes and watch the world go by.   I plan to practice my sketching and watercolor skills as I sit next to him (I will be the one drinking coffee, he will be sipping water).  Together we plan to soak up the culture, visit a number of historic locales (like the D-Day Beaches), wander through a few museums (well, duh?), eat European cheeses/meats/pastries, and drink French/Italian wine and German/Belgium beer.   We reserve the right to change our plans at any point on the trip.  We will attempt to live in the moment for once.

Have watercolors, will travel!

My DH says I should blog the whole experience.

So, why this trip?   It has been a dream of ours to travel Europe in a way that allows us to fully relax and live the experience of Europeans.  My DH believes that England, France, or Italy might be a good place to retire — and I am happy to go anywhere he goes!

So, why now?   Why not.   Months ago, we each came to the realization that on most days, we only grow older.   Neither of us are expecting to experience any grand revelations about our lives from this trip, not to say that they can’t happened.   Mostly, we just want to enjoy a change of scenery for a while, have a few new experiences, and consider some new possibilities.  We travel pretty well together and I like to think is something we should celebrate while we are young enough to do it well!  When we return, there will be plenty of time to consider  how best to spend our days.

I will stay in touch, so stay tuned!


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